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cave /'keivi/
  • thán từ
    • (ngôn ngữ nhà trường), (từ lóng) chú ý! (thầy giáo đến kia...)
Concise Dictionary
+a geological formation consisting of an underground enclosure with access from the surface of the ground or from the sea
+hollow out as if making a cave or opening
+explore natural caves

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 cavern, grotto, hollow, hole, cavity, den:
In the cave were prehistoric wall paintings.
2 cave in.
(a) collapse, break down, give way, subside, fall in or inwards:
The earthquake caused the walls of the house to cave in.
(b) yield, submit, give way; surrender; Colloq buckle, knuckle under:
After eight hours of questioning, he caved in and told them everything.
Advanced English Dictionary
(also potholing) (both BrE) (AmE spelunking)
+ noun
[U] the sport or activity of going into CAVES under the ground: He had always wanted to go caving.

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