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carve /kɑ:v/
  • động từ
    • khắc, tạc, chạm, đục
      • to carve a statue out of wood: tạc gỗ thành tượng
    • (nghĩa bóng) tạo, tạo thành
      • to carve out a careet for oneself: tạo cho mình một nghề nghiệp
    • cắt, lạng (thịt ra từng miếng)
    • cắt (vải...) thành (hình cái gì); trang trí (vải...) bằng hình cắt khoét
    • to carve out
      • đục ra, khoét ra; xẻo ra, cắt ra (một phần đất đai...)
    • to carve up
      • chia cắt, cắt nhỏ ra (đất đai...)
    • to carve one's way to
      • cố lách tới, cổ mở một con đường tới
Concise Dictionary
+form by carving
+engrave or cut by chipping away at a surface
+cut to pieces

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 hew, cut, sculpt, sculpture, shape, chisel, model, fashion, engrave, incise, grave, whittle, chip:
The bust is carved out of solid marble.
2 Often, carve up or out. divide (up), cut (up), subdivide, apportion, parcel out, allot, partition:
The gang-leaders carved up the territory, and the killings stopped for a while.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 to make objects, patterns, etc. by cutting away material from wood or stone: [VN] a richly carved doorway + The statue was carved out of a single piece of stone. + The piece of wood had been carved into the shape of a flower. + The beads were carved from solid ivory. + (figurative) Over the centuries, melting snow had carved valleys in the landscape. + [V] She carves in both stone and wood.
2 [VN] to write sth on a surface by cutting into it: They carved their initials on the desk. + A Latin inscription had been carved on the lid of the box.
3 to cut a large piece of cooked meat into smaller pieces for eating: [VN] Who's going to carve the turkey? [also V, VNN]
4 [VN] [no passive] ~ sth (out) (for yourself) to work hard in order to have a successful career, reputation, etc: She has carved a place for herself in the fashion world. + Against all odds, he succeeded in carving out a career in the media.
Idioms: carved in stone (of a decision, plan, etc.) unable to be changed: People should remember that our proposals aren't carved in stone.
Phrasal Verbs: carve sth<->up (disapproving) to divide a company, an area of land, etc. into smaller parts in order to share it between people: They have been accused of carving up the industry for their own benefit.

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