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carry /'kæri/
  • danh từ
    • (quân sự) tư thế cầm gươm chào; sự bồng vũ khí
    • tầm súng; tầm bắn xa
    • sự khiêng thuyền xuống (từ sông này sang sông khác); nơi kéo thuyền lên khỏi mặt nước (để chuyển đi nơi khác)
    • động từ
      • mang, vác, khuân, chở; ẵm
        • railways and ships carry goods: xe lửa và tàu chở hàng
        • to carry a baby in one's arms: ẵm em bé trong tay
      • đem theo, đeo, mang theo; tích trữ (hàng hoá để bán); nhớ được
        • to carry money with one: đem theo tiền
        • can you carry all these figures in your head?: anh có thể nhớ được tất cả những con số này không?
      • mang lại, kèm theo, chứa đựng
        • the loan carries 3 per cent interest: tiền cho vay ấy mang lại 3 phần trăm lãi
        • power carriers responsibility with it: quyền lực kèm theo trách nhiệm
      • dẫn, đưa, truyền
        • the oil is carried across the desert in pipelines: dầu được dẫn qua sa mạc bằng đường ống
        • to carry conviction: truyền (cho ai) sự tin tưởng (của mình); có sức thuyết phục
      • chống, chống đỡ
        • these pillars carry the weight of the roof: những cột này chống đỡ sức nặng của mái nhà
      • có tầm, đạt tới, tầm xa; tới, đi xa (tới), vọng xa
        • these guns carry for enough: súng này bắn khá xa
        • the sound of the guns carries many miles: tiếng súng vọng xa nhiều dặm
      • đăng (tin, bài) (tờ báo)
        • todays' paper carries the news that...: báo hôm nay đăng tin rằng...
      • (toán học) mang, sang, nhớ
      • làm dài ra, kéo cao lên, tiếp nối
        • to carry a fence round a field: kéo dài bức rào quanh cánh đồng
      • thắng, lấy được, chiếm được, đoạt được; thuyết phục được; vượt qua; được thông qua, được chấp nhận; giành được thắng lợi cho ta
        • to carry the enemy's position's: chiếm được vị trí địch
        • to carry everything before one: vượt qua mọi trở lực thành công
        • to carry one's audience with one: thuyết phục được thính giả của mình
        • he carried his point: điều anh ta đưa ra được chấp nhận
        • the resolution was carried: nghị quyết được thông qua
      • có dáng dấp, đi theo kiểu; giữ theo kiểu
        • the carries himself like a soldier: anh ấy đi dáng như một quân nhân
        • to carry sword: cầm gươm chào
      • có thái độ, xử sự, cư xử, ăn ở
        • he carries himself insolently: hắn có thái độ láo xược
      • to carry away
        • đem đi, mang đi, thổi bạt đi
      • to be carried away
        • bị lôi cuốn đi, bị làm cho say mê
      • to be carried away by one's enthusiasm: bị nhiệt tình lôi cuốn đi
      • to carry forward
        • đưa ra phía trước
      • (toán học); (kế toán) mang sang
      • to cary off
        • đem đi, bắt đi, đưa đi khỏi chốn trần ai
      • chiếm đoạt
        • to carry off all the prices: đoạt được tất cả các giải
      • làm cho chấp nhận được, làm cho thông qua được
      • to carry on
        • xúc tiến, tiếp tục
      • to carry on with one's work: tiếp tục công việc của mình
      • điều khiển, trông nom
      • (thông tục) có thái độ kỳ quặc; có thái độ nóng nảy
        • don't carry on so: đừng nóng nảy thế, hãy bình tĩnh
      • tán tỉnh
        • to carry on with somebody: tán tỉnh ai; dan díu bí mật với ai
      • to carry out
        • tiến hành, thực hiện
      • to carry over
        • mang sang bên kia; (kế toán) mang sang
      • to carry through
        • hoàn thành
      • làm thoát khỏi, làm vượt qua được (khó khăn)
        • his courage will carry him throught: lòng can đảm của anh ta giúp anh ta vượt qua tất cả
      • to carry all before one
        • thành công, thắng được mọi sự chống đối trở ngại
      • to carry coals to Newcastle
        • (tục ngữ) chở củi về rừng
      • to carry the day
        • thắng lợi thành công
      • to carry into practice (execution)
        • thực hành, thực hiện
      • to carry it
        • thắng lợi, thành công
      • to carry it off well
        • giữ được thái độ đường hoàng; không hề nao núng
      • to fetch and carry
        • (xem) fetch
    Concise Dictionary
    +the act of carrying something
    +move while supporting, either in a vehicle or in one's hands or on one's body
    +have with oneself; have on one's person
    +transmit or serve as the medium for transmission
    +serve as a means for expressing something
    +bear or be able to bear the weight, pressure,or responsibility of
    +support or hold in a certain manner
    +contain or hold; have within
    +extend to a certain degree
    +continue or extend
    +be necessarily associated with or result in or involve
    +win in an election
    +include, as on a list
    +behave in a certain manner
    +have on hand
    +include as the content; broadcast or publicize
    +propel, "Carry the ball"
    +pass on a communication
    +have as an inherent or characteristic feature or have as a consequence
    +be conveyed over a certain distance
    +keep up with financial support
    +have or possess something abstract
    +be equipped with (a mast or sail)
    +win approval or support for
    +compensate for a weaker partner or member by one's own performance
    +take further or advance
    +have on the surface or on the skin
    +capture after a fight
    +transfer (entries) from one account book to another
    +transfer (a number, cipher, or remainder) to the next column or unit's place before or after, in addition or multiplication
    +pursue a line of scent or be a bearer
    +bear (a crop)
    +propel or give impetus to
    +drink alcohol without showing ill effects
    +be able to feed
    +have a certain range
    +cover a certain distance or advance beyond
    +secure the passage or adoption (of bills and motions)
    +be successful in
    +sing or play against other voices or parts
    +be pregnant with

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 transport, convey, bear, lug, drag, cart, move, Colloq tote, Slang US schlep:
    He shouldn't carry such heavy packages at his age.
    2 conduct, convey, lead, take, transport, transfer, transmit:
    This cable carries the power to the town.
    3 drive, impel, conduct, convey, take, move:
    He travelled aimlessly, wherever the wind carried his ship.
    4 support, maintain, finance:
    I had a wife and four children and was unable to carry my brother's family as well.
    5 bear, hold up, uphold, maintain:
    Despite her troubles, she carried her head high.
    6 win, take, sweep, capture, gain, secure:
    She carried the election easily.
    7 stock, sell, offer; display:
    We don't carry purple shoes in this shop, Madam.
    8 broadcast, disseminate, offer, release; communicate, present, read, report, announce; give:
    The news is carried on this station every night at nine.
    9 carry away. transport, excite, enrapture, delight:
    He was quite carried away by her attentions.
    10 carry off.
    (a) win, gain, capture, secure:
    She managed to carry off the first prize for the third year running.
    (b) abscond with, kidnap, take, purloin, Colloq Brit pinch, nick:
    I'm afraid that some of your chickens have been carried off by a fox.
    (c) accomplish, perform, effect, do, succeed, handle or manage successfully, bring off, carry out:
    We carried off the raid without loss of a single man.
    (d) kill, be or cause the death of, cause to die:
    He was carried off by yellow fever in his eightieth year.
    11 carry on.
    (a) continue, proceed, go on, persist, keep on or at, persevere:
    Don't stop - just carry on with what you were doing.
    (b) manage, conduct, operate:
    Despite the fire, we are carrying on our business as usual.
    (c) misbehave, Colloq act up, fool around, Brit play up:
    The children are carrying on so, I can't get any work done.
    12 carry out or through. perform, effect, implement, complete, execute, accomplish, continue, conclude:
    Henry is carrying out his father's wishes according to the terms of his will.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    + verb (carries, carrying, carried, carried)
    take with you
    1 [VN] to support the weight of sb/sth and take them or it from place to place; to take sb/sth from one place to another: He was carrying a suitcase. + She carried her baby in her arms. + The injured were carried away on stretchers. + a train carrying commuters to work
    2 [VN] to have sth with you and take it wherever you go: Police in many countries carry guns. + I never carry much money on me. - WEAR
    of pipes / wires
    3 [VN] to contain and direct the flow of water, electricity, etc: a pipeline carrying oil + The veins carry blood to the heart.
    4 if a person, an insect, etc. carries a disease, they are infected with it and might spread it to others although they might not become sick themselves: Ticks can carry a nasty disease which affects humans.
    5 [VN +adv./prep.] ~ sth in your head / mind to be able to remember sth
    support weight
    6 [VN] to support the weight of sth: A road bridge has to carry a lot of traffic.
    7 [VN] to accept responsibility for sth; to suffer the results of sth: He is carrying the department (= it is only working because of his efforts). + Their group was targeted to carry the burden of job losses.
    have as quality / feature
    8 [VN] to have sth as a quality or feature: Her speech carried the ring of authority. + My views don't carry much weight with (= have much influence on) the boss. + Each bike carries a ten-year guarantee.
    9 [VN] to have sth as a result: Crimes of violence carry heavy penalties. + Being a combat sport, karate carries with it the risk of injury.
    of throw / kick
    10 [VN +adv./prep.] if sth that is thrown, kicked, etc. carries a particular distance, it travels that distance before stopping: The fullback's kick carried 50 metres into the crowd.
    of sound
    11 [V] [often +adv./prep.] if a sound carries, it can be heard a long distance away
    take to place / position
    12 [VN] ~ sth/sb to / into sth to take sth/sb to a particular point or in a particular direction: The war was carried into enemy territory. + Her abilities carried her to the top of her profession.
    approval / support
    13 [VN] [usually passive] to approve of sth by more people voting for it than against it: The resolution was carried by 340 votes to 210.
    14 [VN] to win the support or sympathy of sb; to persuade people to accept your argument: His moving speech was enough to carry the audience. + She nodded in agreement, and he saw he had carried his point.
    have label
    15 [VN] to have a particular label or piece of information attached: Cigarettes must carry a health warning.
    news story
    16 [VN] if a newspaper or broadcast carries a particular story, it publishes or broadcasts it
    item in store
    17 [VN] if a shop/store carries a particular item, it has it for sale: We carry a range of educational software.
    18 [VN] (be carrying sb) to be pregnant with sb: She was carrying twins.
    19 [VN +adv./prep.] to hold or move your head or body in a particular way: to carry yourself well / proudly
    Idioms: be / get carried away to get very excited or lose control of your feelings: I got carried away and started shouting at the television.
    carry all / everything before you (written) to be completely successful
    carry the can (for sb/sth) (BrE, informal) to accept the blame for sth, especially when it is not your fault
    carry a torch for sb to be in love with sb, especially sb who does not love you in return
    more at DAY, FAR adv., FAST adv., FETCH
    Phrasal Verbs: carry sb back (to sth) to make sb remember a time in the past: The smell of the sea carried her back to her childhood.
    carry sth<->forward (also carry sth<->over) to move a total amount from one column or page to the next
    carry sth<->off
    1 to win sth: He carried off most of the prizes.
    2 to succeed in doing sth that most people would find difficult: She's had her hair cut really short, but she can carry it off.
    carry on
    1 (especially BrE) to continue moving: Carry on until you get to the junction, then turn left.
    2 (informal) to argue or complain noisily: He was shouting and carrying on.
    related noun CARRY-ON
    carry on (with sth)
    carry sth<->on to continue doing sth: Carry on with your work while I'm away. + After he left I just tried to carry on as normal (= do the things I usually do). + Carry on the good work! + [+ -ing] He carried on peeling the potatoes.
    carry on (with sb) (old-fashioned) to have a sexual relationship with sb when you should not: His wife found out he'd been carrying on with another woman.
    carry sth<->out
    1 to do sth that you have said you will do or have been asked to do: to carry out a promise / a threat / a plan / an order
    2 to do and complete a task: to carry out an inquiry / an investigation / a survey + Extensive tests have been carried out on the patient.
    carry over to continue to exist in a different situation: Attitudes learned at home carry over into the playground.
    carry sth<->over
    1 to keep sth from one situation and use it or deal with it in a different situation
    2 to delay sth until a later time: The match had to be carried over until Sunday.
    carry sb through
    carry sb through sth to help sb to survive a difficult period: His determination carried him through the ordeal.
    carry sth through to complete sth successfully: It's a difficult job but she's the person to carry it through.
    carry through (on / with sth) (AmE) to do what you have said you will do: He has proved he can carry through on his promises.

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