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carriage /'kæridʤ/
  • danh từ
    • xe ngựa
      • a carriage and pair: xe hai ngựa
      • a carriage and four: xe bốn ngựa
    • (ngành đường sắt) toa hành khách
      • the first class carriages: các toa hạng nhất
    • sự chuyên chở hàng hoá; cước chuyên chở hàng hoá
    • bộ phận quay (của máy)
    • sườn xe (gồm khung và bánh
    • (quân sự) xe chở pháo ((thường) gun carriage)
    • dáng, dáng đi
      • a graceful carriage: dáng đi yểu điệu
    • sự thông qua (một dự luật, một kiến nghị ở quốc hội...)
    • sự điều khiển, sự quản lý; sự thi hành, sự thực hiện (một công việc...)
Concise Dictionary
+a railcar where passengers ride
+a vehicle with wheels drawn by one or more horses
+characteristic way of bearing one's body
+a machine part that carries something else
+a small vehicle with four wheels in which a baby or child is pushed around

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 (railway) coach, US car:
We moved our belongings into the next carriage.
2 bearing, mien, air, manner, deportment, conduct, demeanour, attitude, posture, stance, presence, behaviour, comportment:
His upright carriage immediately identified him as a military man.
3 freight, freightage, transportation, cartage, shipping; postage:
Carriage is free within mainland Britain.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 (also coach) (both BrE) (AmE car) [C] a separate section of a train for carrying passengers: a railway carriage
2 [C] a road vehicle, usually with four wheels, that is pulled by one or more horses and was used in the past to carry people: a horse-drawn carriage
3 (BrE) (also handling AmE, BrE) [U] (formal) the act or cost of transporting goods from one place to another: £16.95 including VAT and carriage + Orders are despatched within 28 days but allow time for carriage. + a contract for the carriage of goods
4 [C] a moving part of a machine that supports or moves another part, for example on a TYPEWRITER: a carriage return (= the act of starting a new line when typing)
5 [sing.] (old-fashioned) the way in which sb holds and moves their head and body: She showed her pedigree on her face and in her carriage.
Collocation Dictionary

1 vehicle pulled by horses


horse-drawn, open


ride in | drive | climb into, get into | alight from, get out of, step out of


in a/the ~

2 part of a train


railway | full | empty | first-class, second-class | no-smoking/non-smoking, smoking


get in/into | get out of | pull


door, window


in a/the ~
There's a seat in the next carriage.

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