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capitulate /kə'pitjuleit/
  • nội động từ
    • đầu hàng ((thường) là có điều kiện)
Concise Dictionary
+surrender under agreed conditions
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 surrender, yield, give up, submit, succumb:
Want of provisions quickly obliged the fortress to capitulate.
2 acquiesce, concede, relent, give in, yield:
He begged so piteously that the king finally capitulated and allowed him to live.
Advanced English Dictionary
1 to agree to do sth that you have been refusing to do for a long time
Synonym: YIELD
They were finally forced to capitulate to the terrorists' demands.
2 to stop resisting an enemy and accept that you are defeated
The town capitulated after a three-week siege.
capitulation noun [C, U]

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