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came /keim/
  • thời quá khứ của come
  • danh từ
    • khung chì (để) lắp kinh (cửa)
Concise Dictionary
noun thin lead stripping used to hold pieces of glass together to form stained-glass windows (also called ribbon)
+the thick white fluid containing spermatozoa that is ejaculated by the male genital tract
+move toward, travel toward something or somebody or approach something or somebody
+reach a destination; arrive by movement or progress
+come to pass; arrive, as in due course
+reach or enter a state, relation, condition, use, or position
+to be the product or result
+be found or available
+come forth
+be a native of
+extend or reach
+exist or occur in a certain point in a series
+come from; be connected by a relationship of blood, for example
+cover a certain distance
+come under, be classified or included
+happen as a result
+add up in number or quantity
+develop into
+be received
+come to one's mind; suggest itself
+proceed or get along
+experience orgasm
+have a certain priority

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 approach, advance, (draw) near, move, Archaic or literary draw nigh:
The car came towards us. She has come to me for comforting words. Winter is coming.
2 arrive, appear, make or put in an appearance, Colloq blow in, report (in), turn or show up, check in, sign in, clock on or in, roll in:
Winter has come. When Cora comes, we'll ask her.
3 enter:
Come into the light, where I can see you.
4 come about.
(a) occur, happen, take place, come up; befall, Loosely transpire:
I cannot imagine how this state of affairs came about.
(b) Nautical tack, go about:
After the marker, come about and hoist the spinnaker.
5 come across.
(a) find, discover, encounter, meet (up or up with), run across or into, happen or chance upon or on, hit or light on or upon, stumble upon or on, Colloq bump into:
I came across some information about Charles.
(b) pay (up), settle; yield, give up, submit:
Frank owes me money but refuses to come across.
(c) be communicated or understandable, penetrate, sink in:
I am not sure that my points came across.
6 come along. fare, do, progress, move along:
How is William coming along at his new school?
7 come apart. disintegrate, crumble, fall or fly to pieces, separate, break (apart or up or down):
The carburettor came apart in my hands.
8 come at. attack, assault, charge, rush (at), fly at, descend upon or on, Colloq go or make for:
She came at me waving her umbrella.
9 come by.
(a) acquire, obtain, get, procure, secure, find, take or get possession of, get or lay hold of, get or lay or put (one's) hands or US also fingers on; be given:
The tax inspector wondered how she came by such valuable property.
(b) win, earn, attain; be awarded:
I came by that trophy fair and square.
10 come clean. See clean, 8, above.
11 come down on or upon. pounce on or upon, rebuke, criticize, revile, reprimand, bear down on, blame:
Mother really came down on us when she discovered who had taken the pie.
12 come down with. succumb to, contract, catch, be stricken or afflicted with, acquire:
He's come down with pneumonia.
13 come in.
(a) win, succeed; Colloq finish (in the money):
My horse came in.
(b) be, prove, turn out or prove to be:
Knowing someone on the council can come in handy.
(c) finish, end up, arrive:
Donald came in first in the backstroke.
(d) enter:
Don't come in, I'm dressing.
14 come off.
(a) occur, happen, come to pass, take place, Loosely transpire:
I doubt that the performance will ever come off.
(b) emerge, result as:
We came off the winners in Saturday's game.
15 come out.
(a) be revealed, become public or known or common knowledge, get about or around, get or leak out, emerge:
The story has come out that he tried to bribe the inspector.
(b) be published or issued or produced or distributed, be shown, be in print, première:
The new edition of the dictionary has just come out.
(c) end, conclude, turn out, terminate, finish:
How did the chess match come out?
16 come over.
(a) go over, communicate, come across, be communicated, succeed, be received:
How did my speech come over?
(b) affect, influence, possess:
I can't imagine what's come over Louis.
(c) visit, drop or stop by or in:
Quentin and his wife came over for dinner last night.
17 come through.
(a) recover (from), recuperate (from), get well or better:
He came through his operation with flying colours.
(b) conclude or end (up) or finish or wind up successfully or satisfactorily, succeed, arrive, not fail or disappoint:
I knew he'd come through.
18 come to.
(a) amount to, add up to, total, aggregate:
My bill came to more than I had with me.
(b) regain or recover consciousness, awake(n), revive, wake up, come (a)round:
When I came to, I was on the floor with a terrific headache.
(c) regard, concern, relate to, be a question of, involve, be relevant to, be involved:
When it comes to real ale, Mario is the expert.
19 come up.
(a) arise, surface, present itself, be brought up, be broached, come about, turn up, rise, Colloq crop up:
The question of religion never came up.
(b) grow, thrive, appear:
None of my tulips came up this year.
(c) rise, arise:
The moon came up just as the sun was setting.
Advanced English Dictionary
past tense of COME

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