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by /bai/
  • danh từ
    • gần, cạnh, kế, bên
      • by the sea: gần biển
      • to sit by someone: ngồi cạnh ai
    • về phía
      • North by East: hướng bắc hơi lệch về phía đông
    • qua, ngang qua, xuyên qua, dọc theo (chỉ hướng và chuyển động)
      • to come by the fields not by the roads: đi xuyên qua các cánh đồng không dọc theo các con đường
    • vào lúc, vào khi, vào khoảng, vào quãng (chỉ thời gian)
      • to attack by night: tấn công vào đêm
      • to withdraw by daylight: rút vào lúc trời sáng
      • by tomorrow: khoảng ngày mai
      • by this time: vào lúc này
    • theo cách, bằng cách, theo từng
      • to rent the house by the year: cho thuê nhà theo từng năm
      • to sell coal by the ton: bán hàng theo từng tấn một
      • step by step: từng bước, dần dần
    • bằng, bởi, do
      • the streets are lighted by electricity: phố xá được thắp sáng bằng điện
      • to travel by sea: đi du lịch bằng đường biển
      • to send something by post: gửi vật gì bằng đường bưu điện
      • by mistake: do lỡ, do nhầm
    • theo như, phù hợp với
      • by someone's leave: theo sự cho phép của ai
      • by article 3 of the Treaty: theo điều 3 của hiệp ước
    • đến mức, đến khoảng
      • the bullet missed the target by two inches: viên đạn trượt mục tiêu khoảng hai insơ
    • trước
      • to swear by Almighty God that...: xin thề trước thượng đế là...
    • by the by; by the way
      • à này, nhân đây, tiện thể
    • by oneself
      • một mình không có ai giúp đỡ
    • to have something by one
      • có vật gì trong tay
  • phó từ
    • gần
      • nobody was by: không có ai ở gần
    • qua
      • to hurry by: đi vội qua
    • sang một bên, ở bên; dự trữ, dành
      • to put (lay, set) something by: để cái gì sang một bên; để dành cái gì
    • by and by
      • lát nữa thôi; ngay bây giờ
    • by and large
      • nhìn chung, nói chung, rút cục
  • tính từ
    • (như) bye
Concise Dictionary
+so as to pass a given point
+in reserve; not for immediate use

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 near, beside, next to, close to, alongside:
I park my car by my house.
2 via, by way of, through; past:
I go home by High Wycombe.
3 by means of, on:
I often travel by train.
4 before, not later than, sooner than:
I have to leave by Monday.
5 during, at:
We travel only by night.
6 Often, close by. near, nearby, at hand, close, about, around, Literary nigh:
When she is close by I get a tingling sensation.
7 past, nearby:
When he walked by I nearly died.
8 away, aside:
We put by a little for a rainy day.
Advanced English Dictionary
preposition, adverb
+ preposition
1 near sb/sth; at the side of sb/sth; beside sb/sth: a house by the river + The telephone is by the window. + Come and sit by me.
2 used, usually after a passive verb, to show who or what does, creates or causes sth: He was knocked down by a bus. + a play by Ibsen + Who's that book by? + I was frightened by the noise.
3 used for showing how or in what way sth is done: The house is heated by gas. + May I pay by cheque? + I will contact you by letter. + to travel by boat / bus / car / plane + to travel by air / land / sea + Switch it on by pressing this button.
4 used before particular nouns without the, to say that sth happens as a result of sth: They met by chance. + I did it by mistake. + The coroner's verdict was 'death by misadventure'.
5 not later than the time mentioned; before: Can you finish the work by five o'clock? + I'll have it done by tomorrow. + By this time next week we'll be in New York. + He ought to have arrived by now / by this time. + By the time (that) this letter reaches you I will have left the country.
6 past sb/sth: He walked by me without speaking.
7 during sth; in a particular situation: to travel by day / night + We had to work by candlelight.
8 used to show the degree or amount of sth: The bullet missed him by two inches. + House prices went up by 10%. + It would be better by far (= much better) to ...
9 from what sth shows or says; according to sth: By my watch it is two o'clock. + I could tell by the look on her face that something terrible had happened. + By law, you are a child until you are 18.
10 used to show the part of sb/sth that sb touches, holds, etc: I took him by the hand. + She seized her by the hair. + Pick it up by the handle!
11 used with the to show the period or quantity used for buying, selling or measuring sth: We rented the car by the day. + They're paid by the hour. + We only sell it by the metre.
12 used to state the rate at which sth happens: They're improving day by day. + We'll do it bit by bit. + The children came in two by two (= in groups of two).
13 used for giving more information about where sb comes from, what sb does, etc: He's German by birth. + They're both doctors by profession.
14 used when swearing to mean 'in the name of': I swear by Almighty God ...
15 used to show the measurements of sth: The room measures fifteen feet by twenty feet.
16 used when multiplying or dividing: 6 multiplied by 2 equals 12. + 6 divided by 2 equals 3.
Idioms: by the by / bye = by the way at WAY
+ adverb
1 past: Just drive by. Don't stop. + He hurried by without speaking to me. + Excuse me, I can't get by. + Time goes by so quickly.
2 used to say that sth is saved so that it can be used in the future: I've put some money by for college fees.
3 in order to visit sb for a short time: I'll come by this evening and pick up the books.
Idioms: by and by (old-fashioned) before long; soon: By and by she met an old man with a beard.

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