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burrow /'bʌrou/
  • danh từ
    • hang (cầy, thỏ)
    • động từ
      • đào, đào, bới
        • to burrow one's way underground: đào lối đi dưới đất
      • (nghĩa bóng) tìm tòi, tra cứu, điều tra
        • to burrow into a mystery: điều tra một điều bí ẩn
        • to burrow into reference books and dictionaries: tra cứu các sách tham khảo và từ điển
      • đi mất hút
    Concise Dictionary
    +a hole in the ground made by an animal for shelter
    +move through by or as by digging
    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 excavation, hole, warren, tunnel:
    The rabbit retreated to its burrow under the hedge.
    2 dig, delve, tunnel, bore; excavate:
    The larvae burrow into the wood where the birds can hear them moving about.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    verb, noun
    + verb
    1 to make a hole or a tunnel in the ground by digging: [V, usually +adv./prep.] Earthworms burrow deep into the soil. + moles burrowing away underground + [VN +adv./prep.] The rodent burrowed its way into the sand.
    2 [+adv./prep.] to press yourself close to sb or under sth: [V] He burrowed down beneath the blankets. + [VN] She burrowed her face into his chest.
    3 [V +adv./prep.] to search for sth under or among things: She burrowed in the drawer for a pair of socks. + He was afraid that they would burrow into his past.
    + noun
    a hole or tunnel in the ground made by animals such as rabbits for them to live in
    Collocation Dictionary


    deep | away, down
    He switched off the bedside lamp and burrowed down beneath the bedclothes.


    Rabbits had burrowed under the fence.
    | into
    Earthworms burrow deep into the subsoil.
    | through
    worms that burrow through dead wood


    burrow your way
    Ivy had burrowed its way through the walls.

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