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  • (Tech) chôn, ngầm (dưới đất)
Concise Dictionary
+cover from sight
+place in a grave or tomb
+place in the earth and cover with soil
+enclose or envelop completely, as if by swallowing
+embed deeply
+dismiss from the mind; stop remembering

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 inter, inhume, lay to rest:
They buried her next to her husband as she had requested.
2 abandon, forget, consign to oblivion, eradicate, extirpate:
The residents buried their differences and united to repel the town planners.
3 submerge (oneself), exile (oneself), plunge, become engrossed or absorbed:
She buried herself in her book.
4 conceal, obscure, hide, cover up:
The real story was by now completely buried beneath the mass of legend.
5 overwhelm, overcome, inundate:
I'm so buried in work I can't take a holiday.

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