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build /bild/
  • danh từ
    • sự xây dựng
    • kiểu kiến trúc
    • khổ người tầm vóc
      • man of strong build: người có tầm vóc khoẻ
      • to be of the same build: cùng tầm vóc
  • (bất qui tắc) động từ built/bilt/
    • xây, xây dựng, xây cất; dựng nên, lập nên, làm nên
      • to build a railway: xây dựng đường xe lửa
      • to build a new society: xây dựng một xã hội mới
      • birds build nests: chim làm tổ
    • to build into
      • xây gắn vào, gắn vào (tường)
    • to build on (upon)
      • dựa vào, tin cậy vào
    • to build on somebody's promises: dựa vào lời hứa của ai
    • I build on you: tôi tin cậy vào anh
    • to build up
      • xây lấp đi, xây bít đi, xây kín đi
    • those doors were build up: những cửa ra vào kia bị xây bít lại
    • xây dựng dần dần nên
      • to build up a reputation: xây dựng dần tiếng tăm
    • tập họp lại, gom lại, tích lại (những cái cần để làm việc gì)
    • to be build in
      • có nhà cửa dinh thự bao bọc xung quanh
Concise Dictionary
+constitution of the human body
+alternative names for the body of a human being
+make by combining materials and parts
+form or accumulate steadily
+build or establish something abstract
+improve the cleansing action of
+order, supervise, or finance the construction of
+give form to, according to a plan
+be engaged in building
+found or ground
+bolster or strengthen
+develop and grow

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 construct, erect, raise, set up, assemble:
I hope to build my own house in another year or so.
2 found, establish, base:
The theory is built on the principle that light travels at 186,000 miles per second.
3 develop:
She built the company in about five years.
4 Also, build up. intensify; increase, develop, enlarge, strengthen:
The distant hum of voices gradually built to a mighty roar.
5 physique, figure, body, shape, Slang bod:
He has a good build from working out at the gym.
Advanced English Dictionary
verb, noun
+ verb (built, built )
1 ~ sth (of / in / from sth)
~ sth (for sb)
~ sb sth to make sth, especially a building, by putting parts together: [VN] They have permission to build 200 new houses. + Robins build nests almost anywhere. + a house built of stone + apartment blocks built in brick and concrete + They had a house built for them. + [VNN] David built us a shed in the back yard. + [V] They're going to build on the site of the old power station.
2 [VN] to create or develop sth: She's built a new career for herself. + We want to build a better life. + This information will help us build a picture of his attacker.
3 [V] (written) (of a feeling) to become gradually stronger: The tension and excitement built gradually all day.
Idioms see CASTLE, ROME
Phrasal Verbs: build sth around sth [usually passive] to create sth, using sth else as a basis: The story is built around a group of high school dropouts.
build sth<->in
build sth into sth [often passive]
1 to make sth a permanent part of a larger structure: We're having new wardrobes built in. + Manufacturers are now building modems into new computers. + The pipes were built into the concrete.
2 to make sth a permanent part of a system, plan, etc: A certain amount of flexibility is built into the system.
See also - BUILT-IN
build on sth to use sth as a basis for further progress: This study builds on earlier work. + We will continue to build on our previous success.
build sth on sth [usually passive] to base sth on sth: an argument built on sound logic
build sth<->on
build sth onto sth to add sth (for example, an extra room) to an existing structure by building: They've built an extension on. + The new wing was built onto the hospital last year.
build up (to sth) to become greater, more powerful or larger in number: All the pressure built up and he was off work for weeks with stress. + The music builds up to a rousing climax.
related noun BUILD-UP (1)
build up to sth
build yourself up to sth to prepare for a particular moment or event: Build yourself up to peak performance on the day of the exam. + If you are building up to a competition you may wish to increase your fitness and endurance.
related noun BUILD-UP (2)
build sb/sth up [usually passive] to give a very positive and enthusiastic description of sb/sth, often exaggerating your claims: The play was built up to be a masterpiece but I found it very disappointing.
related noun BUILD-UP (3)
build sb / yourself<->up to make sb/yourself healthier or stronger: You need more protein to build you up.
build sth<->up
1 to create or develop sth: She's built up a very successful business. + These finds help us build up a picture of life in the Middle Ages. + I am anxious not to build up false hopes (= to encourage people to hope for too much). + The gallery has built up a fine collection of contemporary art. + We've built up good relationships with our clients.
2 to make sth higher or stronger than it was before: The sea defences have been built up to ensure that such a disaster will not strike again.
+ noun [U, C, usually sing.] the shape and size of the human body: a man of average build
Collocation Dictionary


average, medium | slight, slim, thin | heavy, muscular, powerful, stocky, strong, thickset | athletic


in ~
He's heavier in build than his brother.
| of ~
She is slight of build and very agile.
| with a ~
a small woman with a slim build

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