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bucket /'bʌkit/
  • danh từ
    • thùng, xô (để múc nước)
    • pittông (ống bơm)
    • gầu (ở guồng nước)
    • lỗ căm (roi, súng, chân giả...)
    • to give the bucket
      • đuổi ra không cho làm, sa thải
    • to kick the bucket
      • (từ lóng) củ, ngoẻo
  • động từ
    • bắt (ngựa) chạy quá sức
    • chèo (thuyền) vội vàng
Concise Dictionary
+a roughly cylindrical vessel that is open at the top
+the quantity contained in a bucket
+put into a bucket
+carry in a bucket

Thesaurus Dictionary
pail, scuttle:
Keep this bucket of coal near the hearth.
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, verb
+ noun
1 (AmE also pail) [C] a round open container with a handle, used for carrying or holding liquids, sand, etc: a plastic bucket + They were playing on the beach with their buckets and spades.
2 (also bucketful ) (AmE also pail, pailful) [C] the amount contained in a bucket: two buckets / bucketfuls of water + They used to drink tea by the bucket / bucketful (= in large quantities).
3 (buckets) [pl.] (informal) a large amount: To succeed in show business, you need buckets of confidence. + We wept buckets. + He was sweating buckets by the end of the race. + The rain was coming down in buckets (= it was raining very heavily).
Idioms see DROP n., KICK v.
Phrasal Verbs: bucket down (BrE, informal) to rain heavily: It's bucketing down.
Collocation Dictionary


empty, full | galvanized, metal, plastic | leaky | champagne, ice | water | slop, waste
a slop bucket full of scraps of food
| mop | coal | fire
The sand had spilt from the fire bucket.


She filled the bucket with fresh water.
| carry | empty, pour, throw
She poured the bucket of dirty water down the drain.


be filled with/full of sth, contain sth, hold sth | overflow


in a/the ~ | ~ of
a bucket of oats for the horses


a bucket and spade
The children ran down to the beach with their buckets and spades.
| mop and bucket
The cleaner put down his mop and bucket and sat down.

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