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bubble /'bʌbl/
  • danh từ
    • bong bóng, bọt, tăm
      • soap bubble: bong bóng, xà bông
      • to blow bubbles: thổi bong bóng
    • điều hão huyền, ảo tưởng
    • sự sôi sùng sục, sự sủi tăm
    • to prick the bubble
      • (xem) prick
  • nội động từ
    • nổi bong bóng, nổi bọt
    • sôi sùng sục, nổi tăm (nước)
    • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) đánh lừa, lừa bịp
    • to bubble over with joy
      • mừng quýnh lên
    • to bubble over with wrath
      • giận sôi lên
Concise Dictionary
+a hollow globule of gas (e.g., air or carbon dioxide)
+a speculative scheme that depends on unstable factors that the planner cannot control
+an impracticable and illusory idea
+a dome-shaped covering made of transparent glass or plastic
+form, produce, or emit bubbles
+flow in an irregular current with a bubbling noise
+expel gas from the stomach

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 blister, air pocket, globule, droplet:
This painted surface is full of air bubbles.
2 bubbles. froth, foam, suds, lather, spume; effervescence, carbonation, fizz:
The cider is full of bubbles.
3 foam, froth, boil, seethe, fizz:
A pot of soup was bubbling on the stove.
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, verb
+ noun
1 a ball of air or gas in a liquid, or a ball of air inside a solid substance such as glass: champagne bubbles + a bubble of oxygen + blowing bubbles into water through a straw
2 a round ball of liquid, containing air, produced by soap and water: The children like to have bubbles in their bath.
3 a small amount of a feeling that sb wants to express: a bubble of laughter / hope / enthusiasm
Idioms: the bubble bursts there is a sudden end to a good or lucky situation: When the bubble finally burst, hundreds of people lost their jobs. + The optimistic bubble has now burst and economists agree the recession will continue.
more at BURST v.
+ verb [V]
1 to form bubbles: The water in the pan was beginning to bubble. + Add the white wine and let it bubble up. + Cook until the cheese is golden and bubbling.
2 [usually +adv./prep.] to make a bubbling sound, especially when moving in the direction mentioned: I could hear the soup bubbling away. + A stream came bubbling between the stones. + Mike's laugh bubbled down the line.
3 ~ (over) with sth to be full of a particular feeling: She was bubbling over with excitement.
4 [+adv./prep.] (of a feeling) to be felt strongly by a person; to be present in a situation: Laughter bubbled up inside him. + the anger that bubbled beneath the surface
Collocation Dictionary


air, soap


children blowing bubbles
| burst
They jumped about, bursting the bubbles.


Soap bubbles formed on the surface.
| burst


1 form bubbles


The water in the saucepan was bubbling furiously.
| away, up
The soup was bubbling away on the stove.

2 feeling


to the surface
Emotions quickly bubble to the surface.
| over, up
He was bubbling over with excitement.


She could feel the anger bubbling up inside her.
| with
The business was still small but I was bubbling with ideas.

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