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bring /briɳ/
  • (bất qui tắc) ngoại động từ brought/brɔ:t/
    • cầm lại, đem lại, mang lại, xách lại, đưa lại
      • bring me a cup of tea: đem lại cho tôi một tách trà
      • bring him with you to see me: đưa anh ta lại thăm tôi
    • đưa ra
      • to bring a charge: đưa ra lời buộc tội
      • to bring an argument: đưa ra một lý lẽ
    • làm cho, gây cho
      • to bring tears to someone's eyes: làm cho ai phát khóc, làm cho ai chảy nước mắt
      • to bring someone to see something: làm cho ai thấy được cái gì
    • to bring about
      • làm xảy ra, dẫn đến, gây ra
    • to bring back
      • đem trả lại, mang trả lại
    • làm nhớ lại, gợi lại
    • to bring down
      • đem xuống, đưa xuống, mang xuông
    • hạ xuống, làm tụt xuống
      • to bring down the prices of goods: hạ giá hàng hoá
    • hạ, bắn rơi (máy bay, chim)
    • hạ bệ, làm nhục (ai)
    • mang lại (sự trừng phạt...) cho (ai)
      • to bring down ruin on somebody: mang lại lụn bại cho ai
    • to bring forth
      • sản ra, sinh ra, gây ra
    • to bring forward
      • đưa ra, nêu ra, đề ra, mang ra
    • can you bring forward any proofs of what you say?: anh có thể đưa ra chứng cớ về những điều anh nói ra không?
    • bring the matter forward at the next meeting!: cuộc họp sau đưa vấn đề đó ra!
    • (kế toán) chuyển sang
    • to bring in
      • đưa vào, đem vào, mang vào
    • thu; đem lại (lợi tức...); đưa vào (thói quen)
    • to bring off
      • cứu
    • to bring off the passengers on a wrecked ship: cứu các hành khách trên chiếc tàu bị nạn
    • (thông tục) đưa đến thành công
    • to bring on
      • dẫn đến, gây ra
    • làm cho phải bàn cãi
    • to bring out
      • đưa ra, mang ra, đem ra
    • nói lên
    • xuất bản
      • to bring out a book: xuất bản một cuốn sách
    • làm nổi bật, làm lộ rõ ra
      • to bring out the meaning more clearly: làm nổi bật nghĩa
    • giới thiệu (một thiếu nữ để cho mời dự các cuộc chiêu đãi, khiêu vũ...)
    • to bring over
      • làm cho thay đổi lối suy nghĩ, thuyết phục
    • to bring round
      • làm cho tỉnh lại, làm cho hồi lại
    • to bring round to: làm cho thay đổi ý kiến theo
    • to bring through
      • giúp vượt qua khó khăn hiểm nghèo
    • to bring to
      • dẫn đến, đưa đến (một tình trạng nào); làm cho
    • to bring to terms: đưa đến chỗ thoả thuận; đưa đến chỗ phải nhận điều kiện
    • to bring to light: đưa ra ánh sáng; khám phá
    • to bring to pass: làm cho xảy ra
    • to bring to an end: kết thúc, chấm dứt
    • to someone to his senses: làm cho ai phải thấy trái, làm cho ai phải biết điều
    • (hàng hải) dừng lại, đỗ lại
    • to bring together
      • gom lại; nhóm lại, họp lại
    • kết thân (hai người với nhau)
    • to bring under
      • làm cho vào khuôn phép, làm cho ngoan ngoãn, làm cho vâng lời, làm cho phục tùng
    • to bring up
      • đem lên, mang lên, đưa ra
    • nuôi dưỡng, giáo dục, nuôi nấng, dạy dỗ
    • to be brought up in the spirit of communism
      • được giáo dục theo tinh thần cộng sản
    • làm ngừng lại; ngừng lại, đỗ lại; (hàng hải) thả neo
    • lưu ý về (vấn đề gì); nêu (vấn đề)
    • làm cho (ai) phải đứng lên phát biểu
    • đưa ra toà
    • to bring down the house
      • làm cho cả rạp vổ tay nhiệt liệt
    • to bring home to
      • làm cho nhận thấy, làm cho thấy rõ, làm cho hiểu
    • to bring home a truth to someone: làm cho ai hiểu một sự thật
    • to bring into play
      • phát huy
    • to bring to bear on
      • dùng, sử dụng
    • to bring presure to bear on someone: dùng sức ép đối với ai
    • hướng về, chĩa về
      • to bring guns to bear on the enemy: chĩa đại bác về phía quân thù
Concise Dictionary
+take something or somebody with oneself somewhere
+cause to come into a particular state or condition
+cause to happen or to occur as a consequence
+go or come after and bring or take back
+bring into a different state
+be accompanied by
+bestow a quality on
+advance or set forth in court
+be sold for a certain price
+attract the attention of
+induce or persuade

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 carry, bear, fetch, get, take; deliver:
Don't forget to bring some wine home for dinner tonight.
2 lead, conduct, convey; escort, invite, accompany:
The road brought me to your house. You can bring anyone you like to the party.
3 draw, attract, lure, allure:
What brings you to London?
4 carry, bear, convey; report:
She brought word of the uprising.
5 bring on, bring about, occasion, give rise to, be the source or cause of, create, cause, engender, produce; contribute to:
The thought of his mother brought tears to his eyes.
6 institute, advance; invoke:
She is bringing charges against him for slander.
7 bring about. occasion, cause, bring on, accomplish, effect, achieve, produce:
The government has brought about changes in the health service.
8 bring down.
(a) overthrow, depose, oust, unseat, dethrone, overturn, topple:
A military faction has brought down the government.
(b) reduce, lessen, diminish, cut (back or down):
The chancellor promised to bring down taxes in the next budget.
9 bring forth.
(a) bear, give birth to, produce; yield:
The kangaroo brings forth young less than an inch in size.
(b) set forth, bring out or in or up, introduce, present, produce, put out, submit, offer, advance:
Mr Hanson has brought forth a new sales plan.
10 bring in.
(a) earn, yield, produce, realize, fetch, return, sell for:
Advertising brings in more revenue than subscriptions.
(b) See def. 15, below.
11 bring off. succeed (in), carry out, achieve, accomplish, do, carry out or off, perform, succeed, pull off; Colloq put over:
Do you really think she'll be able to bring off her masquerade?
12 bring on.
(a) produce, put on, introduce, bring in:
When the children in the audience began to get restless, they brought on the clowns.
(b) induce, produce, occasion, bring about:
Eating strawberries brought on a rash.
13 bring out.
(a) display, feature, focus on, illuminate, set off, make noticeable or conspicuous, emphasize, develop:
The colour of the dress brings out the blue of your eyes.
(b) publish, issue, release, make known or public, produce; put on, stage:
They've brought out a new edition of Dickens's works.
14 bring round or around.
(a) revive, resuscitate, bring to; restore:
The smelling salts brought her round when she fainted.
(b) persuade, win over, convince, influence:
Can he be brought round to our way of thinking?
15 bring up.
(a) rear, raise, care for, look after, nurture, breed; educate, teach, train, tutor:
She has brought up six children on her own.
(b) introduce, broach, bring in, raise, pen (up), set forth, mention, touch on, talk about, discuss; reintroduce, recall:
Why bring up irrelevant matters like his age?
(c) raise, elevate:
So far, they have brought up only three survivors from the mine.
(d) vomit, throw up, regurgitate, disgorge:
He woke up feeling sick and brought up most of the previous night's meal.
Advanced English Dictionary
come with sb / sth
1 ~ sb/sth (with you)
~ sth (for sb)
~ (sb) sth to come to a place with sb/sth: [VN] Don't forget to bring your books with you. + She brought her boyfriend to the party. + [VN, VNN] Bring a present for Helen. + Bring Helen a present.
2 ~ sb/sth sth
~ sth to sb/sth to provide sb/sth with sth: [VNN] His writing brings him $10 000 a year. + [VN] The team's new manager brings ten years' experience to the job.
3 [VN] to cause sth: The revolution brought many changes. + The news brought tears to his eyes (= made him cry). + Retirement usually brings with it a massive drop in income.
4 [VN +adv./prep.] to cause sb/sth to be in a particular condition or place: to bring a meeting to an end / a close / a conclusion + Bring the water to the boil. + Mismanagement had brought the company to the brink of bankruptcy. + The article brought her into conflict with the authorities. + Hello Simon! What brings you here?
make sb / sth move
5 to make sb/sth move in a particular direction or way: [VN, +adv./prep.] The judge brought his hammer down on the table. + [VN -ing] Her cries brought the neighbours running (= made them run to her).
6 [VN] ~ sth (against sb) to officially accuse sb of a crime: to bring a charge / a legal action / an accusation against sb
force yourself
7 [VN to inf] ~ yourself to do sth to force yourself to do sth: She could not bring herself to tell him the news.
Idioms: Idioms containing bring are at the entries for the nouns and adjectives in the idioms, for example bring sb/sth to heel is at heel.
Phrasal Verbs: bring sth<->about to make sth happen
Synonym: CAUSE
What brought about the change in his attitude?
bring sb around (AmE) = BRING SB ROUND
bring sth around (AmE) = BRING STH ROUND
bring sb/sth<->back to return sb/sth: Please bring back all library books by the end of the week. + He brought me back (= gave me a ride home) in his car.
bring sth<->back
1 to make sb remember sth or think about it again: The photographs brought back many pleasant memories.
2 to make sth that existed before be introduced again
Most people are against bringing back the death penalty.
bring sb sth<->back
bring sth<->back (for sb) to return with sth for sb: What did you bring the kids back from Italy? + I brought a T-shirt back for Mark.
bring sb/sth before sb (formal) to present sb/sth for discussion or judgement: The matter will be brought before the committee. + He was brought before the court and found guilty.
bring sb<->down
1 to make sb lose power or be defeated: The scandal may bring down the government.
2 (in football and rugby) to make sb fall over: He was brought down in the penalty area.
bring sth<->down
1 to lower or reduce sth: We aim to bring down prices on all our computers.
2 to land an aircraft: The pilot managed to bring the plane down in a field.
3 to make an aircraft fall out of the sky: Twelve enemy fighters had been brought down.
4 to make an animal or a bird fall down or fall out of the sky by killing or wounding it: He brought down the bear with a single shot.
bring sb/sth<->forth (old use or formal) to give birth to sb; to produce sth: She brought forth a son. + trees bringing forth fruit
bring sth<->forward
1 to move sth to an earlier date or time: The meeting has been brought forward from 10 May to 3 May.
2 to suggest sth for discussion: Please bring the matter forward at the next meeting.
3 to move a total sum from the bottom of one page or column of numbers to the top of the next: A credit balance of $50 was brought forward from his September account.
bring sb<->in
1 to ask sb to do a particular job or to be involved in sth: Local residents were angry at not being brought in on (= asked for their opinion about) the new housing proposal. + [+ to inf] Experts were brought in to advise the government.
2 (of the police) to bring sb to a police station in order to ask them questions or arrest them: Two men were brought in for questioning.
bring sth<->in
1 to introduce a new law: They want to bring in a bill to limit arms exports.
2 to attract sb/sth to a place or business: We need to bring in a lot more new business.
3 to give a decision in a court of law: The jury brought in a verdict of guilty.
bring sb in sth
bring in sth to make or earn a particular amount of money: His freelance work brings him in about $20 000 a year. + The garage sale brought in about £200. + How much does she bring in now?
bring sth<->off to succeed in doing sth difficult: It was a difficult task but we brought it off. + The goalie brought off a superb save.
bring sb<->on to help sb develop or improve while they are learning to do sth
bring sth<->on
1 to make sth develop, usually sth unpleasant
Synonym: CAUSE
He was suffering from stress brought on by overwork.
2 to make crops, fruit, etc. grow well
bring sth on yourself / sb to be responsible for sth unpleasant that happens to you/sb: I have no sympathy-you brought it all on yourself. + He has brought shame and disgrace on the whole family.
bring sb<->out (BrE) to make people go on strike
bring sb out of himself, herself, etc. to help sb to feel more confident: She's a shy girl who needs friends to bring her out of herself.
bring sth<->out
1 to make sth appear: A crisis brings out the best in her.
2 to make sth easy to see or understand: That dress really brings out the colour of your eyes.
3 to produce sth; to publish sth: The band have just brought out their second album.
bring sth out in sth to make sb's skin be covered in spots, etc: The heat brought him out in a rash.
bring sb round (BrE) (AmE bring sb around) (also bring sb to) to make sb who is unconscious become conscious again
bring sb round (to ...) (BrE) (AmE bring sb around) to bring sb to sb's house: Bring the family round one evening; we'd love to meet them.
bring sb round (to sth) (BrE) (AmE bring sb around) to persuade sb to agree to sth: He didn't like the plan at first, but we managed to bring him round.
bring sth round to sth (BrE) (AmE bring sth around to sth) to direct a conversation to a particular subject
bring sb to = BRING SB ROUND
bring A and B together to help two people or groups to end a quarrel: The loss of their son brought the two of them together.
bring sb<->up
1 [often passive] to care for a child, teaching him or her how to behave, etc: She brought up five children. + He was brought up by his aunt. + a well / badly brought up child + [+ to inf] They were brought up to (= taught as children to) respect authority. + [+N] I was brought up a Catholic.
Compare: RAISE
related noun UPBRINGING
2 (law) to make sb appear for trial: He was brought up on a charge of drunken driving.
bring sth<->up
1 to mention a subject or start to talk about it
Synonym: RAISE
Bring it up at the meeting.
2 (BrE) to VOMIT: to bring up your lunch
3 to make sth appear on a computer screen: Click with the right mouse button to bring up a new menu.
bring sb up against sth to force sb to know about sth and have to deal with it: Working in the slums brought her up against the realities of poverty.
Collocation Dictionary


badly, well
children who have been well brought up

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