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bright /brait/
  • tính từ
    • sáng, sáng chói
      • bright sunshine: mặt trời sáng chói
    • tươi
      • bright red: đỏ tươi
    • sáng sủa; rạng rỡ, sáng ngời; rực rỡ
      • a bright force: khuôn mặt sáng sủa
      • a bright smile: nụ cười rạng rỡ
      • bright eyes: cặp mắt sáng ngời
      • a future: tương lai rực rỡ
    • (thường), (mỉa mai) sáng dạ, thông minh, nhanh trí
      • a bright boy: một đứa bé sáng dạ
    • vui tươi
    • lanh lợi, hoạt bát, nhanh nhẹn
    • to look on the bright side of everything
      • (xem) side
  • phó từ
    • sáng chói, sáng ngời
Concise Dictionary
+emitting or reflecting light readily or in large amounts
+having striking color
+characterized by quickness and ease in learning
+having lots of light either natural or artificial
+made smooth and bright by or as if by rubbing; reflecting a sheen or glow
+not made dim or less bright
+clear and sharp and ringing
+characterized by happiness or gladness
+abounding with sunlight
+full or promise
+with brightness
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 light, shining, gleaming, radiant, brilliant, resplendent, glittering, flashing, Formal refulgent, effulgent, fulgent, fulgid, fulgorous; alight, aglow, beaming, dazzling, glowing, luminous, lambent, incandescent, ablaze with:
We arrived on a bright, sunny day. The water was bright with phosphorescence.
2 clear, cloudless, fair, unclouded:
It certainly is a bright night - you can see every star.
3 shiny, polished, lustrous, glossy, sparkling:
I want that brass so bright I can see my face in it.
4 hopeful, optimistic, favourable, propitious, auspicious, promising, rosy:
Glenys's job prospects are not very bright.
5 brilliant, vivid, intense, fluorescent, US trade mark Day-Glo:
But you said you wanted the room bright orange, Madam.
6 intelligent, clever, quick-witted, witty, brilliant, keen-minded, sharp-witted, gifted, astute, ingenious, alert, smart; precocious; Colloq brainy, on the ball:
No one can deny that Alison is a bright young woman.
7 illustrious, glorious, splendid, magnificent, distinguished, outstanding:
Today has been one of the brightest days in the history of Britain.
8 cheerful, gay, happy, exuberant, lively, animated, vivacious, spirited:
It is a pleasure to see so many bright faces in the audience.
Advanced English Dictionary
adjective, adverb
+ adjective (brighter, brightest)
1 full of light; shining strongly: bright light / sunshine + a bright room + Her eyes were bright with tears. + a bright morning (= with the sun shining)
2 (of a colour) strong and easy to see: I like bright colours. + a bright yellow dress + Jack's face turned bright red.
3 cheerful and lively: His eyes were bright and excited. + She gave me a bright smile. + Why are you so bright and cheerful today? + His face was bright with excitement.
4 intelligent; quick to learn: the brightest pupil in the class + Do you have any bright ideas (= clever ideas)?
5 hopeful; likely to be successful: This young musician has a bright future. + Prospects for the coming year look bright. + a bright start to the week
brightly adverb: a brightly lit room + 'Hi!' she called brightly.
brightness noun [U]
Idioms: bright and early very early in the morning: You're up bright and early today!
(as) bright as a button (BrE) intelligent and quick to understand
the bright lights the excitement of city life: Although he grew up in the country, he's always had a taste for the bright lights.
a bright spark (BrE, informal, often ironic) a lively and intelligent person, especially sb young: Some bright spark (= stupid person) left the tap running all night.
a / the bright spot a good or pleasant part of sth that is unpleasant or bad in all other ways: The win last week was the only bright spot in their last ten games.
look on the bright side to be cheerful or hopeful about a bad situation, for example by thinking only of the advantages and not the disadvantages
+ adverb (brighter, brightest) (literary) (usually with the verbs burn and shine) brightly: The stars were shining bright.
Collocation Dictionary


be, look, seem
The factory's future now looks quite bright.
| become


exceptionally, extremely, incredibly, intensely, really, surprisingly, unusually, very
a really bright child
| fairly, pretty, quite, reasonably
The morning was quite bright, but it clouded over in the afternoon.
| unnaturally
Her eyes were unnaturally bright.

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