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briefing /'bri:fiɳ/
  • danh từ
    • (quân sự) chỉ thị, lời chỉ dẫn (về chiến thuật...)
    • sự chỉ dẫn tường tận
Concise Dictionary
+a document stating the facts and points of law of a client's case
+a condensed written summary or abstract
+give essential information to someone
+of short duration or distance
+concise and succinct
+(of clothing) very short

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 short, momentary, little, fleeting; short-lived, transitory, transient, evanescent, passing, temporary, ephemeral, fugitive:
The lights went back on after a brief interval. His glory was brief.
2 short, concise, succinct, to the point; condensed, shortened, cut, curtailed, abbreviated, compressed, abridged, thumbnail, compendious:
The chairman made a few brief remarks. Here is a brief description of what happened.
3 curt, abrupt, terse, short, blunt, brusque:
You mustn't be so brief with little children.
4 summary, outline, digest, précis, résumé, compendium, abstract, condensation, abridgement or US only abridgment, synopsis, extract:
This is merely a brief; the full document will follow.
5 in brief. briefly, concisely, in sum, in summary, to sum up, succinctly, in a word:
He is a cutthroat, too - in brief, the greatest scoundrel living.
6 advise, inform, fill in, coach, instruct, enlighten; explain, run through or down:
Howard will brief you on the details.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [C] a meeting in which people are given instructions or information: a press briefing
2 [C, U] the detailed instructions or information that are given at such a meeting: Captain Trent gave his men a full briefing. + a briefing session / paper
Collocation Dictionary


detailed, full, thorough | formal, informal | final
She returned to Washington for a final briefing.
| press


give sb
All staff will be given a full briefing tomorrow.
| get, receive | arrange, hold
I asked him to arrange a formal briefing.
| attend


session | document, paper


at a/the~
Details of the scheme will be announced at a press briefing later today.
| ~ by/from
a briefing by the commanding officer
| ~ on
a briefing on security issues

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