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brief /bri:f/
  • tính từ
    • ngắn, vắn tắt, gọn
      • a brief note: lời ghi chú vắn tắt
  • danh từ
    • bản tóm tắt, bản toát yếu
    • (pháp lý) bản tóm tắt hồ sơ của luật sư bào chữa (một vụ kiện); ((nghĩa rộng)) việc kiện, việc tố tụng
      • to hold a brief for someone: biện hộ cho ai, cãi cho ai (luật sư)
    • lời chỉ dẫn cho phi công (trước khi đi oanh tạc)
    • (tôn giáo) chiếu thư (của giáo hoàng)
    • in brief
      • tóm lại
  • ngoại động từ
    • tóm tắt lại
    • lập hồ sơ (một vụ kiện)
    • giao cho luật sư để biện hộ
    • chỉ dẫn cho phi công (trước khi đi oanh tạc)
    • chỉ dẫn tường tận
Concise Dictionary
+a document stating the facts and points of law of a client's case
+a condensed written summary or abstract
+give essential information to someone
+of short duration or distance
+concise and succinct
+(of clothing) very short

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 short, momentary, little, fleeting; short-lived, transitory, transient, evanescent, passing, temporary, ephemeral, fugitive:
The lights went back on after a brief interval. His glory was brief.
2 short, concise, succinct, to the point; condensed, shortened, cut, curtailed, abbreviated, compressed, abridged, thumbnail, compendious:
The chairman made a few brief remarks. Here is a brief description of what happened.
3 curt, abrupt, terse, short, blunt, brusque:
You mustn't be so brief with little children.
4 summary, outline, digest, précis, résumé, compendium, abstract, condensation, abridgement or US only abridgment, synopsis, extract:
This is merely a brief; the full document will follow.
5 in brief. briefly, concisely, in sum, in summary, to sum up, succinctly, in a word:
He is a cutthroat, too - in brief, the greatest scoundrel living.
6 advise, inform, fill in, coach, instruct, enlighten; explain, run through or down:
Howard will brief you on the details.
Advanced English Dictionary
adjective, noun, verb
+ adjective (briefer, briefest)
1 lasting only a short time; short: a brief visit / meeting / conversation + a brief pause / silence + Mozart's life was brief.
2 using few words: a brief description / summary / account + Please be brief (= say what you want to say quickly).
3 (of clothes) short and not covering much of the body: a brief skirt
Idioms: in brief in a few words, without details: In brief, the meeting was a disaster. + Now the rest of the news in brief.
+ noun
-see also BRIEFS
1 (BrE) the instructions that a person is given explaining what their job is and what their duties are: It wasn't part of his brief to speak to the press. + I was given the brief of reorganizing the department. + to stick to your brief (= to only do what you are asked to do) + to prepare / produce a brief for sb
2 (BrE, law) a legal case that is given to a lawyer to argue in court; a piece of work for a BARRISTER: Will you accept this brief?
3 (AmE, law) a written summary of the facts that support one side of a legal case, that will be presented to a court
4 (BrE, informal) a SOLICITOR or a defence lawyer: I want to see my brief.
Idioms: hold no brief for sb/sth (BrE, formal) to not support or be in favour of sb/sth: I hold no brief for either side in this war.
+ verb
1 ~ sb (on / about sth) to give sb information about sth so that they are prepared to deal with it: [VN] The officer briefed her on what to expect. + I expect to be kept fully briefed at all times. [also VN to inf]
Compare: DEBRIEF
2 [VN, VN to inf] (BrE, law) to give a lawyer, especially a BARRISTER, the main facts of a legal case so that it can be argued in a court of law
Collocation Dictionary


clear, detailed, written | legal, technical


prepare, produce, write


in a/the ~
She makes all these points in her brief.
| outside sb's ~
How the new policy is to be implemented is outside his brief.
| ~ on
a technical brief on food hygiene


be part of sb's brief
It's not part of my brief to advise on financial matters.



fully, properly, well


The men have been fully briefed about the intended mission.
| on
Each member of my crew took it in turn to brief me on his particular duties.



I promised to be brief.
| keep sth, make sth
Could you make it brief? I've got a meeting in ten minutes.


extremely, very | fairly, quite, rather | comparatively, relatively | necessarily
This necessarily brief account concentrates on two main areas.
| mercifully
The wait was mercifully brief, little more than an hour.
| tantalizingly
The diary entries were tantalizingly brief.

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