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breezy /'bri:zi/
  • tính từ
    • có gió hiu hiu
    • mát, thoáng gió (chỗ)
    • vui vẻ, hồ hởi, phơi phới
    • hoạt bát, nhanh nhẩu
Concise Dictionary
+fresh and animated
+abounding in or exposed to the wind or breezes

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 airy, fresh, windy, draughty, brisk, gusty:
The afternoon was breezy and warm, ideal for walking.
2 casual, carefree, light-hearted, cheerful, cheery, airy, lively, spirited, blithesome, buoyant:
The chairman's breezy opening of the annual meeting made everyone feel comfortable.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 with the wind blowing quite strongly: It was a bright, breezy day. + the breezy east coast
2 having or showing a cheerful and relaxed manner: You're very bright and breezy today!
breezily adverb: 'Hi folks,' he said breezily.
breeziness noun [U]
Collocation Dictionary

1 windy




very | a little, slightly
It's a little breezy up here.


bright and breezy
The weather at the seaside was ideal?bright and breezy.

2 cheerful and relaxed


be, seem, sound
She tried to sound breezy on the phone.


bright and breezy
His bright and breezy manner sometimes irritated people.

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