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branch /brɑ:ntʃ/
  • danh từ
    • cành cây
    • nhánh (sông); ngả (đường)...
      • a branch of a river: một nhánh sông
    • chi (của một dòng họ...); chi nhánh (ngân hàng...); ngành (sản xuất; mậu dịch...)
    • root and branch
      • (xem) root
  • nội động từ
    • ((thường) + out, forth) đâm cành, đâm nhánh
    • phân cành, chia ngã
      • the road branches here: ở chỗ này đường chia ra nhiều ngã
    • to branch off (away)
      • tách ra, phân nhánh
    • to branch out
      • bỏ nhiều vốn ra kinh doanh; mở rộng các chi nhánh
Concise Dictionary
+an administrative division of some larger or more complex organization
+a division of a stem, or secondary stem arising from the main stem of a plant
+a part of a forked or branching shape
+a natural consequence of development
+a stream or river connected to a larger one
+any projection that is thought to resemble a human arm
+grow and send out branches or branch-like structures
+divide into two or more branches so as to form a fork

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 offshoot, arm; limb, bough, stem, shoot, twig, sprig:
The branches of this tree need trimming.
2 department, section, subsection, division, subdivision, office, part, ramification; affiliate, subsidiary; spin-off:
What branch of medicine are you going to specialize in? The company maintains branches in New York and Melbourne.
3 ramify, divide, subdivide, diverge; diversify:
This road branches off in three directions. The company will branch out into electronics this year.
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, verb
+ noun
of tree
1 a part of a tree that grows out from the main stem and on which leaves, flowers and fruit grow: She climbed the tree and hid in the branches.
of company
2 a local office or shop/store belonging to a large company or organization: The bank has branches all over the country. + Our New York branch is dealing with the matter.
of government
3 a part of a government or other large organization that deals with one particular aspect of its work
the anti-terrorist branch
of knowledge
4 a division of an area of knowledge or a group of languages: the branch of computer science known as 'artificial intelligence'
of river / road
5 a smaller or less important part of a river, road, railway/railroad, etc. that leads away from the main part: a branch of the Rhine + a branch line (= a small line off a main railway line, often in country areas)
of family
6 a group of members of a family who all have the same ancestors: My uncle's branch of the family emigrated to Canada.
Idioms see ROOT n.
+ verb [V] to divide into two or more parts, especially smaller or less important parts: The accident happened where the road branches.
Phrasal Verbs: branch off
1 (of a road or river) to be joined to another road or river but lead in a different direction: Just after the lake, the path branches off to the right.
2 (of a person) to leave a road or path and travel in a different direction
branch out (into sth) to start to do an activity that you have not done before, especially in your work or business: The company has now branched out into selling insurance. + I decided to branch out on my own.
Collocation Dictionary

1 part of a tree


top/topmost | low, overhanging
Be careful of overhanging branches.
| bare, dead
the bare branches of a tree in winter

2 part of a larger organization


central, high street, local, overseas, regional


establish, open, set up
The store is opening more local branches.
| close (down)


chairman, manager, member, office, representative, secretary
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