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bout /baut/
  • danh từ
    • lần, lượt, đợi
      • a bout of fighting: một đợt chiến đấu
    • cơn (bệnh); chầu (rượu)
      • a bad coughing bout: cơn ho rũ rượi
      • a dringking bout: một chầu say bí tỉ
    • cuộc vật lộn, cuộc chiến đấu; cuộc đọ sức
      • a bout with the enemy: cuộc chiến đấu với kẻ địch
      • a bout with the gloves: cuộc so găng
    • this bout
      • nhân dịp này
Concise Dictionary
+(sports) a period of play during which one team is on the offensive
+a period of illness
+a contest or fight (especially between boxers or wrestlers)
+an occasion for excessive eating or drinking

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 turn, round, time, occasion, spell, period, session:
He's just got over a bout of pneumonia.
2 chance, spree, stint, opportunity, innings:
We had long planned this bout of shopping.
3 contest, match, boxing-match, prizefight, meet, set-to, struggle, encounter, engagement; duel:
A bout has been arranged between the heavyweight champion of the world and a challenger from Puerto Rico.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 ~ (of sth / of doing sth) a short period of great activity; a short period during which there is a lot of a particular thing, usually sth unpleasant: They had been fighting after a drinking bout. + the latest bout of inflation + Regular exercise is better than occasional bouts of strenuous activity.
2 ~ (of sth) an attack or period of illness: a severe bout of flu / coughing + He suffered occasional bouts of depression. + (AmE) a bout with the flu
3 a boxing or WRESTLING match
Collocation Dictionary


bad, nasty, prolonged, serious, severe
I got a bad bout of flu last winter.
| mild | drinking


get, have, suffer from


during a/the ~ | ~ of
a bout of depression

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