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bother /'bɔðə/
  • danh từ
    • điều bực mình, điều khó chịu, điều buồn bực, điều phiền muộn
    • sự lo lắng
    • Oh, bother!
      • chà, phiền quá
  • động từ
    • làm buồn bực, làm phiền, quấy rầy
      • to bother someone with something: làm phiền ai vì một chuyện gì
    • lo lắng, lo ngại băn khoăn, áy náy
      • to bother [oneself] about something; to bother one's head something: lo lắng về cái gì
      • don't bother to come, just call me up: không phiền anh phải đến, cứ gọi dây nói cho tôi là được
    • lời cầu khẩn gớm, đến phiền
      • bother the flies!: gớm ruồi nhiều quá
Concise Dictionary
+an angry disturbance
+something or someone that causes trouble; a source of unhappiness
+take the trouble to do something; concern oneself
+cause annoyance in; disturb, especially by minor irritations
+to cause inconvenience or discomfort to
+intrude or enter uninvited
+make nervous or agitated
+make confused or perplexed or puzzled

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 annoy, pester, worry, irritate, trouble, hector, harass, hound, dog, nag, plague, needle, Colloq hassle; Slang US nudge:
I wish they'd stop bothering me about paying the telephone bill.
2 trouble (about), fuss (at), make a fuss (about), concern oneself (with), burden:
Too few people are interested in bothering about the welfare of others.
3 confuse, bewilder, perplex, perturb, upset, disconcert, discomfit:
She was increasingly bothered by her inability to understand the local language.
4 trouble, inconvenience:
Those pets must be a lot of bother.
5 worry, annoyance, vexation, nuisance, irritation, trouble, effort, disturbance, upset, Slang hassle:
Painting the lattice will be more bother than it's worth.
6 dither, flutter, Colloq tizzy, pet, stew, lather, sweat:
She seems to have worked herself into quite a bother about something quite insignificant.
7 pest, irritant, nag, nuisance, Colloq pain, pain in the neck or Brit taboo arse or US taboo ass; Slang US nudge:
Mother is such a bother, always asking if I wear my galoshes when it rains.
8 disturbance, to-do, ado, commotion, fuss, trouble, disorder, stir, hubbub:
We ran into a bit of bother at the pub last night.
Advanced English Dictionary
verb, noun, exclamation
+ verb
1 (often used in negative sentences and questions) ~ (with / about sth) to spend time and/or energy doing sth: [V] He doesn't bother much about his appearance. + 'Shall I wait?' 'No, don't bother'. + It's not worth bothering with (= using) an umbrella-the car's just outside. + I don't know why I bother! Nobody ever listens! + If that's all the thanks I get, I won't bother in future! + I don't know why you bother with that crowd (= why you spend time with them). + [V to inf] He didn't even bother to let me know he was coming. + [V -ing] Why bother asking if you're not really interested?
2 ~ sb (about / with sth) to annoy, worry or upset sb; to cause sb trouble or pain: [VN] The thing that bothers me is ... + You don't sound too bothered about it. + I don't want to bother her with my problems at the moment. + That sprained ankle is still bothering her (= hurting). + 'I'm sorry he was so rude to you.' 'It doesn't bother me.' + [VN that] Does it bother you that she earns more than you? + [VN to inf] It bothers me to think of her alone in that big house.
3 [VN] to interrupt sb; to talk to sb when they do not want to talk to you: Stop bothering me when I'm working. + Let me know if he bothers you again. + Sorry to bother you, but there's a call for you on line two.
Idioms: be bothered (about sb/sth) (especially BrE) to think that sb/sth is important: I'm not bothered about what he thinks. + 'Where shall we eat?' 'I'm not bothered.' (= I don't mind where we go).
can't be bothered (to do sth) used to say that you do not want to spend time and/or energy doing sth: I should really do some work this weekend but I can't be bothered. + All this has happened because you couldn't be bothered to give me the message.
not bother yourself / your head with / about sth (especially BrE) to not spend time/effort on sth, because it is not important or you are not interested in it
more at HOT adj.
+ noun
1 [U] trouble or difficulty: You seem to have got yourself into a spot of bother. + I don't want to put you to any bother (= cause you any trouble). + Don't go to the bother of tidying up on my account (= don't make the effort to do it). + 'Thanks for your help!' 'It was no bother.' + Call them and save yourself the bother of going round. + I don't mind looking after the children; they aren't any bother. + She's been having a bit of bother with her car.
2 (a bother) [sing.] (BrE) an annoying situation, thing or person
I hope I haven't been a bother.
+ exclamation (BrE) used to express the fact that you are annoyed about sth/sb: Bother! I've left my wallet at home. + Oh, bother him! He's never around when you need him.
Collocation Dictionary


I had a little bother finding your house.
| cause, give sb
Your little boy didn't give me any bother.
| go to
I wouldn't go to the bother of making the cakes myself.
| put sb to
I'd love to come and stay with you, but I don't want to put you to any bother.
| save sb
Getting a taxi will save you the bother of picking me up from the station.


a bit/a little/a lot/a spot of bother
He's in a spot of bother with the police.
| no bother
The children were no bother.


without any ~
We found the hotel without any bother.
| ~ to
I don't mind looking after your dog?it's no bother to me.
| ~ with
He's got a spot of bother with his eyes.

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