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both /bouθ/
  • tính từ & danh từ
    • cả hai
      • with both hands: bằng cả hai tay
      • they both are doctors; both of them are doctors; both are doctors: cả hai đều là bác sĩ
  • phó từ
    • cả... lẫn; vừa... vừa
      • both you and I: cả anh lẫn tôi
      • he speaks both English and French: nó nói cả tiếng Anh cả tiếng Pháp
      • to be both tired and hungry: vừa mệt vừa đói
Concise Dictionary
+(used with count nouns) two considered together; the two
Advanced English Dictionary
determiner, pronoun
1 used with plural nouns to mean 'the two' or 'the one as well as the other': Both women were French. + Both the women were French. + Both of the women were French. + I talked to the women. Both of them were French / They were both French. + I liked them both. + We were both tired. + Both of us were tired. + We have both seen the movie. + I have two sisters. Both of them live in London / They both live in London. + Both (my) sisters live in London.
2 both ...and ... not only ...but also ...: Both his mother and his father will be there. + For this job you will need a good knowledge of both Italian and Spanish.

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