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boo /bu:/ (booh) /bu:/
  • thán từ
    • ê, ê, ê! (tiếng la phản đối, chế giễu)
    • ngoại động từ
      • la ó (để phản đối, chế giễu)
      • đuổi ra
        • to boo a dog out: đuổi con chó ra
    Advanced English Dictionary
    exclamation, noun, verb
    exclamation, noun
    1 a sound that people make to show that they do not like an actor, speaker, etc: 'Boo!' they shouted, 'Get off!'. + The speech was greeted with loud boos from the audience.
    2 people shout Boo! when they want to surprise or frighten sb
    Idioms see SAY v.
    + verb
    to show that you do not like a person, performance, idea, etc. by shouting 'boo': [V] The audience booed as she started her speech. + [VN] He was booed off the stage.
    Collocation Dictionary



    VERB + BOO

    be greeted/met with
    His speech was met with boos.


    ~ from
    There were loud boos from the audience.

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