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bombardment /bɔm'bɑ:dmənt/
  • danh từ
    • sự bắn phá, sự ném bom, cuộc oanh tạc
      • preliminatry bombardment: (quân sự) sự bắn phá dọn đường
      • nuclear bombardment: (vật lý) sự bắn phá hạt nhân
Collocation Dictionary


constant, continuous | heavy, intense | aerial, artillery, naval


conduct, launch, mount | stop | be subjected to, be under, come under, suffer | survive, withstand
They have withstood heavy bombardment for many months.


begin, start | continue, resume | (come to an) end, cease, stop


during/in a/the ~
Many people were killed in the bombardment.
| under ~
The city has been under constant bombardment for three days.
| ~ against
The army launched artillery bombardments against enemy positions.
| ~ from
bombardments from the sea
| ~ with
a three-hour bombardment with rockets and mortars

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