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bleak /bli:k/
  • tính từ
    • trống trải; lạnh lẽo, hoang vắng; ảm đạm
      • bleak house: căn nhà lạnh lẽo hoang vắng
    • dãi gió
      • a bleak hillside: sườn đồi dãi gió
  • danh từ
    • (động vật học) cá mương Âu
Concise Dictionary
+offering little or no hope
+providing no shelter or sustenance
+unpleasantly cold and damp

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 cheerless, dreary, depressing, dismal, gloomy, sombre, melancholy, sad, unhappy, mournful:
1940 was one of the bleakest periods in British history.
2 cold, chilly, raw, bitter:
The days were getting shorter, and the bleak winter was setting in.
3 barren, bare, exposed, windswept, desolate:
How depressing the bleak landscape of the Russian steppes can be in winter!
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective (bleaker, bleakest)
1 (of a situation) not hopeful or encouraging: a bleak outlook / prospect + The future looks bleak for the fishing industry. + The medical prognosis was bleak. + They faced a financially bleak Christmas.
2 (of the weather) cold and unpleasant: a bleak winter's day
3 (of a place) bare, empty or with no pleasant features: a bleak landscape / hillside / moor + bleak concrete housing
bleakly adverb: 'There seems no hope,' she said bleakly. + bleakly lit corridors + It was a bleakly impressive coastline.
bleakness noun [U]
Collocation Dictionary

1 without hope


appear, be, look, seem | become | remain


extremely, very
Prospects for the industry are extremely bleak.
| increasingly | unnecessarily
The report paints an unnecessarily bleak picture of the town.

2 bare/empty/without pleasant features


be, look, seem
The moors looked bleak and desolate in the rain.
| become


very | a bit, rather
It was a rather bleak and dismal place.

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