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bitter /'bitə/
  • tính từ & phó từ
    • đắng
    • cay đắng, chua xót, đau đớn; đau khổ, thảm thiết
      • bitter disappointment: sự thất vọng cay đắng
      • bitter tears: những giọt nước mắt đau khổ
    • chua cay, gay gắt; ác liệt, quyết liệt
      • bitter sarcasm: lời chế nhạo chua cay
      • bitter remark: lời phê bình gay gắt
      • bitter fighting: sự đánh nhau ác liệt
    • rét buốt (thời tiết, gió...)
      • bitter wind: gió rét buốt
    • bitter as gall (worm wood, aloes)
      • đắng như mật, đắng như bồ bòn
    • a bitter pill to swallow
      • viên thuốc đắng phải uống
    • điều đắng cay (điều tủi nhục) phải chịu đựng
    • to the bitte rend
      • cho đến cùng
  • danh từ
    • vị đắng
    • nỗi đắng cay
      • the bitters of life: những nỗi đắng cay của cuộc đời
      • to take the bitter with the sweet: phải chịu những nỗi đắng cay cùng với những sự ngọt bùi ở đời
    • (sinh vật học) rượu bia đắng ((cũng) bitter beer) rượu thuốc apxin
Concise Dictionary
+English term for a dry sharp-tasting ale with strong flavor of hops (usually on draft)
+the taste experience when quinine or coffee is taken into the mouth
+the property of having a harsh unpleasant taste
+make bitter
+marked by strong resentment or cynicism
+very difficult to accept or bear
+harsh or corrosive in tone
+expressive of severe grief or regret
+proceeding from or exhibiting great hostility or animosity
+one of the four basic taste sensations; sharp and disagreeable; like the taste of quinine
+causing a sharply painful or stinging sensation; used especially of cold
+extremely and sharply
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 harsh, acerbic, acrid, sharp, caustic, mordant:
I added some cream to the sauce to try and make it taste less bitter.
2 unappetizing, distasteful, unsavoury, unpleasant, hard (to swallow or take), irritating, obnoxious, disagreeable, nasty, painful, unwelcome, unpalatable:
The demand for additional tax payments was a bitter pill.
3 miserable, grievous, dispiriting, distressing, cruel, distressful:
Dismissal after all those years in the firm was a bitter experience.
4 resentful, embittered, rancorous; hateful:
Andrew felt bitter at not being selected as chairman.
5 stinging, cutting, biting, harsh, reproachful, vicious, acrimonious, virulent; cruel, unkind, unpleasant, nasty:
His bitter denunciation of other candidates lost him the campaign.
6 sharp, keen, cutting, severe, biting, cold, wintry, freezing:
A bitter gale lashed at the rigging.
Advanced English Dictionary
adjective, noun
+ adjective
Help Note: more bitter and most bitter are the usual comparative and superlative forms, but bitterest can also be used.
1 (of arguments, disputes, etc.) very fierce and unpleasant, with a lot of anger and hatred involved: a long and bitter dispute
2 (of people) feeling angry and unhappy because you feel that you have been treated unfairly: She is very bitter about losing her job.
3 [usually before noun] making you feel very unhappy; caused by great unhappiness: to weep / shed bitter tears + Losing the match was a bitter disappointment for the team. + I've learnt from bitter experience not to trust what he says.
4 (of food, etc) having a strong, unpleasant taste; not sweet: Black coffee leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.
Compare: SWEET
5 (of weather conditions) extremely cold and unpleasant: bitter cold + a bitter wind + It's really bitter out today.
bitterness noun [U]: The pay cut caused bitterness among the staff. + The flowers of the hop plant add bitterness to the beer.
Idioms: a bitter pill (for sb) (to swallow) a fact or an event that is unpleasant and difficult to accept: The election defeat was a bitter pill for the party to swallow.
to / until the bitter end continuing until you have done everything you can, or until sth is completely finished, in spite of difficulties and problems: They were prepared to fight to the bitter end for their rights.
+ noun (BrE)
1 [U, C] a type of beer with a dark colour and a strong bitter taste, that is very popular in Britain: A pint of bitter, please.
Compare: MILD
2 (bitters) [U+sing./pl. v.] a strong bitter alcoholic liquid that is made from plants and added to other alcoholic drinks to give flavour: gin with a dash of bitters
Collocation Dictionary

1 angry/unhappy


be, feel, seem | become, grow, turn
He had grown bitter as the years passed. Loving relationships can turn bitter.
| remain | leave sb, make sb
The divorce had left her bitter.


extremely, very | quite, rather, slightly


She still seems quite bitter about it.
| towards
I felt very bitter towards them.

2 very cold


be | become, turn
The weather turned bitter.
| remain


extremely, really, very | quite, rather

3 having a sharp taste


be, taste
The drink tasted bitter.


extremely, very | rather, slightly, somewhat

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