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beyond /bi'jɔnd/
  • phó từ
    • ở xa, ở phía bên kia
    • giới từ
      • ở bên kia
        • the sea is beyond the hill: biển ở bên kia đồi
      • quá, vượt xa hơn
        • don't stay out beyond nine o'clock: đừng đi quá chín giờ
        • the book is beyond me: quyển sách này đối với tôi khó quá
        • he has grown beyond his brother: nó lớn hơn anh nó
      • ngoài... ra, trừ...
        • do you know of any means beyond this?: ngoài cách này ra anh có biết còn cách nào khác không?
      • beyond compare
        • (xem) compare
      • beyond control
        • (xem) control
      • beyond one's depth beyond hope
        • (xem) hope
      • beyond measure
        • bao la, bát ngát
      • beyond reason
        • vô lý, phi lý
      • to live beyond one's income
        • (xem) income
    • danh từ
      • the beyond kiếp sau, thế giới bên kia
      • the back of beyond
        • nơi xa xôi khuất nẻo nhất, nơi đáy biển chân trời
    Concise Dictionary
    +farther along in space or time or degree
    +on the farther side from the observer
    +in addition

    Advanced English Dictionary
    preposition, adverb
    + preposition
    1 on or to the further side of sth: The road continues beyond the village up into the hills.
    2 later than a particular time: It won't go on beyond midnight. + I know what I'll be doing for the next three weeks but I haven't thought beyond that.
    3 more than sth: Our success was far beyond what we thought possible. + She's got nothing beyond her state pension.
    4 used to say that sth is not possible: The bicycle was beyond repair (= is too badly damaged to repair). + The situation is beyond our control.
    5 too far or too advanced for sb/sth: The handle was just beyond my reach. + The exercise was beyond the abilities of most of the class.
    Idioms: be beyond sb (informal) to be impossible for sb to imagine, understand or do: It's beyond me why she wants to marry Jeff.
    + adverb
    on the other side; further on: Snowdon and the mountains beyond were covered in snow. + The immediate future is clear, but it's hard to tell what lies beyond. + the year 2000 and beyond
    Idioms see BACK n., DOUBT n.

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