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bespoke /bi'spi:k/
  • (bất qui tắc) ngoại động từ bespoke/bi'spouk/; bespoke, bespoken/bi'spoukn/
    • đặt trước, giữ trước, đặt (hàng)
    • chứng tỏ, tỏ ra; cho biết
      • his polite manners bespeak him [to be] a well-bred man: tác phong lễ phép của anh ấy chứng tỏ anh là con nhà gia giáo
    • (thơ ca) nói với (ai)
Concise Dictionary
+be a signal for or a symptom of
+express the need or desire for; ask for

Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective [usually before noun] (especially BrE, formal)
1 (AmE usually custom-made) (of a product) made specially, according to the needs of an individual customer: bespoke software + a bespoke suit
2 making products specially, according to the needs of an individual customer: a bespoke tailor

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