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besides /bi'saidz/
  • phó từ
    • ngoài ra, hơn nữa, vả lại, vả chăng
      • and several others besides: và ngoài ra còn nhiều người khác nữa
  • giới từ
    • ngoài... ra
      • and many more besides them: và ngoài chúng ra còn nhiều người khác nữa
      • he is very good at games besides being a scholar: ngoài việc học giỏi ra, nó còn giỏi cả các môn thể thao
Concise Dictionary
+making an additional point; anyway
+in addition

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 in addition, additionally, also; further, furthermore, moreover, as well, too; to boot, on top of everything else, into the bargain:
Maria is our choice for the post and, besides, she's the only qualified person available. On their anniversary he gave her a diamond ring and a sapphire brooch besides.
2 over and above, above and beyond, in addition to, additionally to, as well as; aside from, barring, excepting, except for, excluding, exclusive of, not counting or including, beyond, apart from, other than:
St Paul became acquainted with many Christians besides his converts.
Advanced English Dictionary
preposition, adverb
+ preposition
in addition to sb/sth; apart from sb/sth: We have lots of things in common besides music. + Besides working as a doctor, he also writes novels in his spare time. + I've got no family besides my parents. + I've got plenty of other things to do besides talking to you. - BESIDE
+ adverb
1 used for making an extra comment that adds to what you have just said: I don't really want to go. Besides, it's too late now. - BESIDE
2 in addition; also: discounts on televisions, stereos and much more besides

besides / apart from / except
The preposition besides means 'in addition to': What other sports do you like besides football? You use except when you mention the only thing that is not included in a statement:
I like all sports except football. You can use apart from with both these meanings:
What other sports do you like apart from football? + I like all sports apart from football.

- note at BESIDE

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