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beg /beg/
  • động từ
    • ăn xin, xin
      • to beg a meal: xin một bữa ăn
    • cầu xin; đề nghi thiết tha, khẩn cầu
    • xin trân trọng (trong thư giao dịch)
      • I beg to inform you: tôi xin trân trọng báo tin để ngài rõ
      • I beg to differ: xin phép cho tôi có ý kiến khác
    • đứng lên hai chân sau (chó chầu ăn)
    • to beg a favour of
      • đề nghị (ai) giúp đỡ
    • to beg leave to
      • xin phép
    • to beg off for something
      • xin miễn cho cái gì
    • to beg pardon
      • xin lỗi
    • to beg the question
      • (xem) question
    • to beg somebody off
      • xin ai tha thứ, xin ai miễn thứ
    • to go begging
      • (xem) go
Concise Dictionary
+call upon in supplication; entreat
+make a solicitation or entreaty for something; request urgently or persistently
+ask to obtain free

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 entreat, beseech, plead (with), crave, implore, importune, wheedle, cajole, supplicate (with), pray; ask for, request:
She begged me to stay.
2 solicit, sponge, Colloq cadge, scrounge, US panhandle:
When he was an alcoholic, he used to beg drinks off everyone.

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