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become /bi'kʌm/
  • (bất qui tắc) nội động từ, became; become
    • trở nên, trở thành
      • it has become much warmer: trời trở nên ấm hơn nhiều
  • ngoại động từ
    • vừa, hợp, thích hợp, xứng
      • this dress becomes you well: cái áo này anh mặc vừa quá; cái áo này anh mặc hợp quá
      • it does not become you to curse: chửi rủa là không xứng với anh, chửi rủa là điều anh không nên làm
    • to become of
      • xảy đến
    • he has not turned up yet, I wonder what has become of him: anh ấy bây giờ vẫn chưa tới, tôi tự hỏi không hiểu cái gì đã xảy đến với anh ta
Concise Dictionary
+enter or assume a certain state or condition
+undergo a change or development
+come into existence
+enhance the appearance of

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 turn or change or transform into:
The princess kissed the prince, who immediately became a frog.
2 grow or develop or evolve into; mature or ripen into:
It's hard to believe that this dull caterpillar will eventually become a splendid butterfly.
3 enhance, suit, fit, befit, be proper or appropriate for, behove or US behoove:
Moonlight becomes you, It goes with your hair.
4 grace, adorn:
Walter was a man who became the dignity of his function as a commissionaire.
5 become of. come of, happen to:
What will become of you if you don't go to school?

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