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beast /bi:st/
  • danh từ
    • thú vật, súc vật
      • beast of prey: thú săn mồi
    • (số nhiều không đổi) thú nuôi, gia súc
    • người hung bạo
    • người mình ghét
    • the Beast
      • kẻ thù của Chúa
    • the beast
      • thú tính (trong con người)
Concise Dictionary
+a living organism characterized by voluntary movement
+a cruelly rapacious person

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 animal, creature, being:
He loves all the beasts of the field, of the sea, and of the air.
2 brute, savage, animal, monster:
I've seen that beast hitting his wife in public.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 (old-fashioned or formal) an animal, especially one that is large or dangerous, or one that is unusual: wild / savage / ferocious beasts + mythical beasts such as unicorns and dragons
2 a person who is cruel and whose behaviour is uncontrolled
3 (informal, often humorous) an unpleasant person or thing: The maths exam was a real beast.
4 (informal) a thing of a particular kind: His new guitar is a very expensive beast.
Collocation Dictionary

1 animal


ferocious, savage, snarling, wild
Savage beasts once roamed these forests.
| exotic, fabled, fantastic, legendary, mythical, rare, strange
paintings of mythical beasts
| great, huge, magnificent, mighty


a beast of burden, a beast of prey

2 unpleasant/cruel person


You filthy beast!
| sex
Local people live in fear of this unknown sex beast.


the beast in sb
(= the violent or sexual part of sb's character)The beast in her wanted to destroy his house.
| bring out the beast in sb
Somehow she brought out the beast in him.

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