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bear /beə/
  • (bất qui tắc) ngoại động từ (bore; borne, born)
    • mang, cầm, vác, đội, đeo, ôm
      • to bear a message: mang một bức thư
      • to bear traces of a bombardment: mang dấu vết một cuộc ném bom
      • the document bears no date: tài liệu không đề ngày
      • to bear in mind: ghi nhớ; nhớ không quên
    • chịu, chịu đựng
      • to bear a part of the expenses: chịu một phần các khoản chi
      • I can't bear that fellow: tôi không chịu được cái thằng cha ấy
    • sinh, sinh sản, sinh lợi
      • to fruit: ra quả, sinh quả
      • to bear interest: sinh lãi, có lãi
      • to bear a child: sinh con
      • to be born in 1940: sinh năm 1940
      • to bear oneself: cư xử, xử sự
  • nội động từ
    • chịu, chịu đựng
      • to grin and bear: cười mà chịu đứng
    • chống đỡ, đỡ
      • this beam can't bear: cái xà này không chống đỡ nổi
    • có hiệu lực, ăn thua
      • this argument did not bear: lý lẽ đó chẳng ăn thua gì; lý lẽ đó không có hiệu lực
    • rẽ, quay, hướng về
      • to bear to the right: rẽ sang phải
    • ở vào (vị trí nào...)
      • this island bears N.E. of the harbour: đảo đó ở về phía đông bắc hải cảng
    • sinh, sinh sản, sinh lợi
      • all these pear-trees bear very well: những cây lê này sinh rất nhiều quả, những cây lê này rất sai quả
    • to bear away
      • mang đi, cuốn đi, lôi đi
    • to bear away the prize: giật giải, đoạt giải, chiếm giải
    • to be borne away by one's enthusiasm: để cho nhiệt tình lôi cuốn đi
    • đi xa, đi sang hướng khác
      • to bear down: đánh quỵ, đánh gục
      • to bear down an enemy: đánh quỵ kẻ thù
      • to bear down upon: sà xuống, xông vào, chồm tới
      • to bear down upon the enemy: xông vào kẻ thù
      • to bear in: (hàng hải) đi về phía
      • they were bearing in with the harbour: họ đang đi về phía cảng
    • to bear of
      • tách ra xa không cho tới gần
    • mang đi, cuốn đi, lôi đi, đoạt
      • to bear off the prize: đoạt giải, giật giải, chiếm giải
    • (hàng hải) rời bến xa thuyền (thuyền, tàu)
    • to bear on (upon)
      • có liên quan tới, quy vào
    • all the evidence bears on the same point: tất cả chứng cớ đều quy vào một điểm
    • tì mạnh vào, chống mạnh vào; ấn mạnh xuống
      • if you bear too hard on the point of you pencil, it may break: nếu anh ấn đầu bút chì, nó có thể gãy
    • to bear out
      • xác nhận, xác minh
    • statements is borne out by these documents: lời tuyên bố đã được những tài liệu này xác minh
    • to bear up
      • chống đỡ (vật gì)
    • ủng hộ (ai)
    • có nghị lực, không để cho quỵ; không thất vọng
      • to be the man to bear up against misfortunes: là người có đủ nghị lực chịu đựng được những nỗi bất hạnh
    • (hàng hải) tránh (gió ngược)
      • to bear up for: đổi hướng để tránh gió
    • to bear comparison with
      • (xem) comparison
    • to bear a hand
      • (xem) hand
    • to bear hard upon somebody
      • đè nặng lên ai; đè nén ai
    • to bear a part
      • chịu một phần
    • to bear a resemblance to
      • (xem) resemblance
    • to bear with somebody
      • khoan thứ ai, chịu đựng ai
    • to bear testimony to
      • (xem) testimony
    • to bear witness to
      • (xem) witness
    • it is now borne in upon me that...
      • bây giờ tôi hoàn toàn tin tưởng rằng...
  • danh từ
    • con gấu
    • người thô lỗ, người thô tục
    • (thiên văn học) chòm sao gấu
      • the Great Bear: chòm sao Gấu lớn, chòm sao Đại hùng
    • to be a bear for punishment
      • chịu đựng được sự trừng phạt hành hạ, chịu đựng ngoan cường sự trừng phạt hành hạ
    • to sell the bear's skin before one has caught the bear
      • bán da gấu trước khi bắt được gấu; chưa đẻ đã đặt tên
    • surly (sulky, cross) as a bear
      • cau có, nhăn nhó, gắt như mắm tôm
    • to take a bear by the tooth
      • liều vô ích; tự dấn thân vào chỗ nguy hiểm một cách không cần thiết
  • danh từ
    • sự đầu cơ giá hạ (chứng khoán); sự làm cho sụt giá (chứng khoán)
    • người đầu cơ giá hạ (chứng khoán)
    • động từ
      • đầu cơ giá hạ (chứng khoán)
      • làm cho sụt giá (chứng khoán)
    Concise Dictionary
    +massive plantigrade carnivorous or omnivorous mammals with long shaggy coats and strong claws
    +an investor with a pessimistic market outlook; an investor who expects prices to fall and so sells now in order to buy later at a lower price
    +put up with something or somebody unpleasant
    +move while holding up or supporting
    +bring forth, "The apple tree bore delicious apples this year"
    +take on as one's own the expenses or debts of another person
    +contain or hold; have within
    +bring in
    +have on one's person
    +behave in a certain manner
    +have rightfully; of rights, titles, and offices
    +support or hold in a certain manner
    +be pregnant with

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 carry, transport, convey, move, take, Colloq tote:
    She was borne round the stadium on the shoulders of her team-mates.
    2 carry, support, sustain, shoulder, hold up, uphold; suffer, undergo, experience, endure:
    Looking after her invalid mother while working is a heavy burden to bear.
    3 merit, be worthy of, warrant; provoke, invite:
    Gordon's suggestion bears looking into.
    4 stand, abide, tolerate, brook, survive, endure, stand up to; reconcile oneself to, admit of, Colloq put up with:
    How can you bear such boring people? His actions will not bear examination. I cannot bear to see you unhappy.
    5 have, carry, show, exhibit, display, sustain:
    The getaway car bore German licence plates. The knight bore the scars of many battles. She bears her grandmother's name.
    6 produce, yield, develop, breed, generate, engender; give birth to, spawn, bring forth:
    Our apple tree did not bear any fruit this year. She bore thirteen children and still had time to write books.
    7 entertain, harbour, wish:
    He bore her no ill will, despite her accusations.
    8 bear on or upon. relate or have relevance or be relevant to or pertain to, touch on or upon, affect, concern, have a bearing on or upon, influence:
    I don't quite see how your illness bears on which school James attends.
    9 bear out. confirm, support, corroborate, substantiate, uphold, back up:
    The evidence bears out what I said.
    10 bear up.
    (a) survive, hold out, stand up, hold up, withstand:
    Can Alex bear up under the strain of keeping two jobs?
    (b) support, cheer, encourage:
    What hope have you to bear you up?
    11 bear with. put up with, be patient with, make allowance(s) for:
    Please bear with me, I'm sure you'll think it was worth waiting when you see the finished result.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    verb, noun
    + verb (bore )
    accept / deal with
    1 (used with can / could in negative sentences and questions) to be able to accept and deal with sth unpleasant
    Synonym: STAND
    [VN] The pain was almost more than he could bear. + She couldn't bear the thought of losing him. + [V -ing] I can't bear having cats in the house. + [V to inf] How can you bear to eat that stuff? + [V -ing, V to inf] He can't bear being laughed at. + He can't bear to be laughed at. [also VN -ing]
    not be suitable
    2 not ~ sth / doing sth to not be suitable for sth: [VN] Her later work does not bear comparison with her earlier novels (= because it is not nearly as good). + The plan won't bear close inspection (= it will be found to be not satisfactory when carefully examined). + [V -ing] The joke doesn't bear repeating (= because it is not funny or may offend people). + His sufferings don't bear thinking about (= because they are so terrible).
    be responsible for sth
    3 [VN] (written) to take responsibility for sth: She bore the responsibility for most of the changes. + Do parents have to bear the whole cost of tuition fees? + You shouldn't have to bear the blame for other people's mistakes.
    negative feeling
    4 ~ sth (against / towards sb)
    ~ sb sth (written) to have a feeling, especially a negative feeling: [VN] He bears no resentment towards them. + [VNN] She bore him no ill will. + [VN, VNN] He's borne a grudge against me ever since that day. + He's borne me a grudge ever since that day.
    support weight
    5 [VN] to support the weight of sb/sth: The ice is too thin to bear your weight.
    6 [VN] (written) to show sth; to carry sth so that it can be seen: The document bore her signature. + He was badly wounded in the war and still bears the scars. + She bears little resemblance to (= is not much like) her mother. + The title of the essay bore little relation to (= was not much connected with) the contents.
    7 [VN] (formal) to have a particular name: a family that bore an ancient and honoured name
    8 [VN] (old-fashioned or formal) to carry sb/sth, especially while moving: three kings bearing gifts
    9 [VN] ~ yourself well, etc. (written) to move, behave or act in a particular way: He bears himself (= stands, walks, etc.) proudly, like a soldier. + She bore herself with dignity throughout the funeral.
    10 (formal) to give birth to a child: [VN] She was not able to bear children. + [VNN] She had borne him six sons.
    of trees / plants
    11 [VN] (formal) to produce flowers or fruit
    12 [V] ~ (to the) left, north, etc. to go or turn in the direction mentioned: When you get to the fork in the road, bear right.
    Idioms: bear arms (old use) to be a soldier; to fight
    bear fruit to have a successful result
    bear hard, heavily, severely, etc. on sb (formal) to be a cause of difficulty or suffering to sb: Taxation bears heavily on us all.
    be borne in on sb (formal, especially BrE) to be realized by sb, especially after a period of time: It was gradually borne in on us that defeat was inevitable.
    bring sth to bear (on sb/sth) (formal) to use energy, pressure, influence, etc. to try to achieve sth or make sb do sth: We must bring all our energies to bear upon the task. + Pressure was brought to bear on us to finish the work on time.
    more at CROSS n., BRUNT, GRIN v., MIND n., WITNESS n.
    Phrasal Verbs: bear down on sb/sth
    1 (especially BrE) to move quickly towards sb/sth in a determined or threatening way
    2 (especially AmE) to press on sb/sth: Bear down on it with all your strength so it doesn't move.
    bear on sth (written) to relate to sth
    Synonym: AFFECT
    These are matters that bear on the welfare of the community.
    bear sb/sth<->out (especially BrE) to show that sb is right or that sth is true: The other witnesses will bear me out. + The other witnesses will bear out what I say.
    bear up (against / under sth) to remain as cheerful as possible during a difficult time: He's bearing up well under the strain of losing his job. + 'How are you?' 'Bearing up.'
    bear with sb/sth to be patient with sb/sth: She's under a lot of strain. Just bear with her. + If you will bear with me (= be patient and listen to me) a little longer, I'll answer your question.
    + noun
    1 a heavy wild animal with thick fur and sharp CLAWS (= pointed parts on the ends of its feet). There are many types of bear: a black bear
    2 (finance) a person who sells shares in a company, etc., hoping to buy them back later at a lower price: a bear market (= in which share prices are falling)
    Compare: BULL
    See also - BEARISH
    Idioms: like a bear with a sore head (informal) bad-tempered: I should keep out of his way. He's like a bear with a sore head this morning.
    Collocation Dictionary

    1 accept/deal with sth


    be able/unable to, can/could (hardly/scarcely)
    Don't leave me alone. I wouldn't be able to bear it. How can you bear this awful noise? We could hardly bear to be outdoors in the blinding sunlight.

    2 be responsible for sth


    have to, must
    Do parents have to bear the whole cost of tuition fees? You must bear at least some responsibility for what has happened.
    PHRASAL VERBS bear on/upon sb/sth


    The burden of the tax bore most heavily on the poor.

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