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bait /beit/
  • danh từ
    • (như) bate
    • danh từ
      • mồi, bả ((nghĩa đen) & (nghĩa bóng))
        • live bait: mồi sống (bằng cả con...)
      • sự dừng lại dọc đường để ăn uống nghỉ ngơi
      • ngoại động từ
        • mắc mồi (vào lưỡi câu hay vào bẫy)
        • cho (ngựa...) ăn uống nghỉ ngơi khi dừng lại ở dọc đường
        • cho chó trêu chọc (những con thú đã bị xích lại); trêu chọc (những con thú đã bị xích lại)
        • trêu chọc, quấy nhiễu
        • nội động từ
          • dừng lại dọc đường để ăn uống nghỉ ngơi
        Concise Dictionary
        +anything that serves as an enticement
        +something used to lure victims into danger
        +harass with persistent criticism or carping
        +lure, entice, or entrap with bait
        +attack with dogs or set dogs upon

        Advanced English Dictionary
        noun, verb
        + noun
        [U, C]
        1 food put on a hook to catch fish or in nets, traps, etc. to catch animals or birds: Live worms are used as bait. + The fish took the bait.
        2 a person or thing that is used to catch sb or to attract them, for example to make them do what you want: He had chosen the right bait to persuade her to go. + The police used him as bait to trap the killers.
        + verb [VN]
        1 to place food on a hook, in a trap, etc. in order to attract or catch an animal: He baited the trap with a piece of meat.
        2 to deliberately try to make sb angry by making cruel or insulting remarks: The soldiers remained calm even though the crowd was baiting them.
        3 (- baiting) (in compound nouns) the activity of attacking a wild animal with dogs: bear-baiting + badger-baiting
        Collocation Dictionary


        fresh, live
        He used maggots as live bait.

        VERB + BAIT

        put out, set out
        We'll put out the bait and see what happens.
        | use sth as | nibble (at), rise to, take
        (all often figurative) We hope that potential investors will take the bait.

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