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b /bi:/
  • danh từ, số nhiều Bs, B's
    • b
    • (âm nhạc) xi
    • người thứ hai; vật thứ hai (trong giả thuyết)
    • b flat
      • (âm nhạc) xi giáng
    • (đùa cợt) con rệp
    • not to know B from a bull's foot (brom a broom-stick, from a bufalo foot)
      • không biết gì cả, dốt đặc cán mai
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, symbol
+ noun (also b) (plural B's, b's )
1 [C, U] the second letter of the English alphabet: 'Butter' begins with (a) B / 'B'.
2 (B) [C, U] (music) the 7th note in the scale of C MAJOR
3 (B) [C, U] the second highest mark/grade that a student can get for a piece of work: She got (a) B in / for History.
4 (B) [U] used to represent the second of two or more possibilities: Shall we go for plan A or plan B?
5 (B) [U] used to represent a person, for example in an imagined situation or to hide their identity: Let's pretend A meets B in the park.
See also - B-ROAD
Idioms see A
symbol used in Britain before a number to refer to a particular secondary road: the B1224 to York

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