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awaken /ə'weikən/
  • tính từ
    • thức giấc, thức dậy; thức, không ngủ
      • to lie awaken: nằm thức, nằm không ngủ
      • to try to keep awaken: còn thức nguyên, chưa ngủ; rát tỉnh táo, cảnh giác
    • awaken to nhận ra, nhận thức ra, thấy rõ
      • to be fully awaken to the danger of the situation: nhận thấy rất rõ sự nguy hiểm của tình hình
  • động từ
    • (như) awake ((thường) nghĩa bóng)
Concise Dictionary
+cause to become awake or conscious
+stop sleeping
+make aware

Thesaurus Dictionary
See awake, 1, 2, above.
1 grant, give, confer, bestow, present, accord, furnish, endow with; assign, apportion:
Her dog was awarded the blue ribbon in the club show.
2 prize, trophy, reward:
The award for the tidiest boats has been won by the Bristol Yacht Club.
3 grant, bestowal, presentation, endowment, awarding:
Before the award of the prizes, we listened to speeches. Profits were up last year despite a large pay award.

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