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authority /ɔ:'θɔriti/
  • danh từ
    • uy quyền, quyền lực, quyền thế
      • to exercise authority over somebody: có quyền lực đối với ai
    • uỷ quyền
    • ((thường) số nhiều) nhà cầm quyền, nhà chức trách, nhà đương cục
    • người có uy tín, người có thẩm quyền, chuyên gia, người lão luyện (về một môn nào)
      • an authority on phonetics: chuyên gia về ngữ âm
    • tài liệu có thể làm căn cứ đáng tin, căn cứ
      • what is his authority?: anh ta căn cứ vào đâu?
    • to do something on one own's authority
      • tự ý làm gì, tự cho phép làm gì
    • on (from) good authority
      • theo một nguồn đáng tin cậy, theo căn cứ đích xác
Concise Dictionary
+the power or right to give orders or make decisions
+(usually plural) persons who exercise (administrative) control over others
+an expert whose views are taken as definitive
+freedom from doubt; belief in yourself and your abilities
+an administrative unit of government
+official permission or approval
+an authoritative written work

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 power, jurisdiction, dominion, right, control, prerogative, authorization; hegemony:
Who gave you the authority to tell me what to do? By the authority vested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife.
2 word, testimony, evidence, Colloq say-so:
Do not accept anything solely on the authority of the Herald.
3 expert, specialist, scholar, sage, judge, arbiter:
Gardner is an authority on Scottish history.
4 authorities. government, establishment, officials, officialdom, powers that be, police:
The authorities lowered the speed limit.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [U] the power to give orders to people: in a position of authority + She now has authority over the people who used to be her bosses. + Nothing will be done because no one in authority (= who has a position of power) takes the matter seriously.
2 [U] ~ (to do sth) the power or right to do sth: Only the manager has the authority to sign cheques. + We have the authority to search this building.
3 [U] official permission to do sth: It was done without the principal's authority. + We acted under the authority of the UN.
4 [C, usually pl.] the people or an organization who have the power to make decisions or who have a particular area of responsibility in a country or region: The health authorities are investigating the problem. + I have to report this to the authorities. + the immigration authorities
5 [U] the power to influence people because they respect your knowledge or official position: He spoke with authority on the topic. + the moral authority to run the country
6 [C] ~ (on sth) a person with special knowledge: She's an authority on criminal law.
Idioms: have sth on good authority to be able to believe sth because you trust the person who gave you the information: I have it on good authority that he is going to be promoted.
Collocation Dictionary

1 sth with the power to give orders


district, local, regional | government, public | education, health, military, planning, tax
The government is urging education authorities to spend less money.
| competent, lawful, relevant, statutory


agree sth, claim sth, decide sth, deny sth, promise sth
The local health authority denied negligence.
| allow (sb) sth, give (sb) sth, grant (sb) sth
The local authority has not granted planning permission.

2 power/right to give orders


absolute, complete, full, supreme | governmental, judicial, legal, ministerial, parental, presidential


Parents have the authority to discipline their children.
| assume
He assumed full authority as tsar in 1689.
| give sb | assert, demonstrate, establish, exercise, exert, show, use, wield
The new manager obviously felt the need to demonstrate her authority.
| delegate | give up, relinquish | abuse | challenge, defy, deny, rebel against, reject, undermine
She had challenged my authority once too often.
| usurp


adult authority figures such as parents and teachers


in ~
I need to talk to someone in authority.
| under the ~ of
This can only be done under the authority of the government minister.
| without ~
He took the car without authority.
| ~ over
Central government has extensive authority over teachers.


an air of authority
He bore an air of authority.
| position of authority
She holds a position of authority in the local church.

3 person with special knowledge


leading, respected, world | unimpeachable, unquestioned


cite, invoke
Copernicus justified his innovation by citing respected authorities.


~ on
She's a leading authority on genetics.

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