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attitude /'ætitju:d/
  • danh từ
    • thái độ, quan điểm
      • one's attitude towards a question: quan điểm đối với một vấn đề
      • an attitude of mind: quan điểm cách nhìn
    • tư thế, điệu bộ, dáng dấp
      • in a listening attitude: với cái dáng đang nghe
      • to strike an attitude: làm điệu bộ không tự nhiên (như ở sân khấu)
Concise Dictionary
+a complex mental state involving beliefs and feelings and values and dispositions to act in certain ways
+the arrangement of the body and its limbs
+a theatrical pose created for effect
+position of aircraft or spacecraft relative to a frame of reference (the horizon or direction of motion)

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 posture, position, disposition, stance, bearing, carriage, aspect, demeanour:
The attitude of the figures in the sculpture was one of supplication.
2 posture, position, disposition, opinion, feeling, view, point of view, viewpoint, approach, leaning, thought, inclination, bent, tendency, orientation:
What is your attitude towards the situation in South Africa?
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [C] ~ (to / towards sb/sth) the way that you think and feel about sb/sth; the way that you behave towards sb/sth that shows how you think and feel: changes in public attitudes to marriage + the government's attitude towards single parents + to have a good / bad / positive / negative attitude towards sb/sth + Youth is simply an attitude of mind. + If you want to pass your exams you'd better change your attitude! + You're taking a pretty selfish attitude over this, aren't you?
2 [U] confident, sometimes aggressive behaviour that shows you do not care about other people's opinions and that you want to do things in an individual way: a band with attitude + You'd better get rid of that attitude and shape up, young man. + A lot of drivers have a serious attitude problem (= they do not behave in a way that is acceptable to other people).
3 [C] (formal) a position of the body: Her hands were folded in an attitude of prayer.
Idioms see STRIKE v.
Collocation Dictionary


conciliatory, favourable, friendly, positive, responsible, right, sympathetic
She seems to have the right attitude for the job.
| aggressive, bad, belligerent, cavalier, critical, hostile, irreverent, negative, patronizing, wrong | carefree, casual, flexible, laid-back, liberal, relaxed
The teachers seem to have a very relaxed attitude towards discipline.
| conservative, inflexible, rigid, uncompromising | ambivalent | general, prevailing, public
The general attitude of the public is sympathetic.
| changing | mental, moral, sexual


adopt, have, take
The government has taken a positive attitude to this problem.
| change
The experience changed his attitude to religion.


exist, persist, prevail
This sort of attitude exists among certain groups of people.
| change


At school he was thought to have an attitude problem.


~ about
changing attitudes about death
| ~ of
an attitude of confidence and trust Youth is simply an attitude of mind.
| ~ to/towards
There has been a marked change in attitude towards the European single currency.


a change in/of attitude, with attitude
(informal) (= having a confident, aggressive attitude that challenges what people think)a rock band with attitude

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