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attend /ə'tend/
  • ngoại động từ
    • dự, có mặt
      • to attend a meeting: dự một cuộc họp
    • chăm sóc, phục vụ, phục dịch
      • to attend a patient: chăm sóc người bệnh
    • đi theo, đi kèm, theo hầu, hộ tống
      • to attend somebody to the air-port: đi theo ai ra sân bay
      • success attends hard work: thành công kèm theo sự làm việc tích cực; làm việc tích cực đem lại sự thành công
  • nội động từ
    • (+ at) dự, có mặt
      • to attend at a meeting: có mặt tại buổi họp
    • ((thường) + to) chú trọng, chăm lo
      • to attend to one's work: chú trọng đến công việc của mình
      • to attend to the education of one's children: chăm lo đến việc giáo dục con cái
    • (+ on, upon) chăm sóc, phục vụ, phục dịch
      • to attend on (upon) someone: chăm sóc ai
Concise Dictionary
+be present at (meetings, church services, university), etc.
+take charge of or deal with
+to accompany as a circumstance or follow as a result
+work for or be a servant to
+give heed (to)

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 be present (at), go to, be at, appear (at), put in an appearance (at), turn up (at), haunt, frequent; sit in (on), US and Canadian audit:
Are you attending the concert? She attends Miss Fiennes's elocution class.
2 turn to, pay attention to, serve, tend to, take care of, deal with, handle, heed, fulfil:
I shall attend to your request as soon as possible, Madam.
3 Also, attend to. watch over, wait on or upon, care for, take care of, minister to, occupy oneself with, look after, look out for, devote oneself to:
Mrs Atterbury attends the patients in the cancer ward on weekdays. The clergyman has his own flock to attend to.
4 escort, accompany, conduct, convoy, squire, usher, wait upon, follow; chaperon or chaperone:
The actress arrived, attended by her entourage of toadies.
5 be associated with, accompany, result in or from, give rise to:
A departure in the midst of the battle would be attended by great peril, Milord.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 to be present at an event: [VN] The meeting was attended by 90% of shareholders. + to attend a wedding / funeral + [V] We'd like as many people as possible to attend. - HELP
2 [VN] to go regularly to a place: Our children attend the same school. + How many people attend church every Sunday?
3 [V] ~ (to sb/sth) (formal) to pay attention to what sb is saying or to what you are doing: She hadn't been attending during the lesson.
4 [VN] (formal) to happen at the same time as sth: She dislikes the loss of privacy that attends TV celebrity.
5 [VN] (formal) to be with sb and help them: The President was attended by several members of his staff.
Phrasal Verbs: attend to sb/sth to deal with sb/sth; to take care of sb/sth: I have some urgent business to attend to. + A nurse attended to his needs constantly. + (BrE, formal) Are you being attended to, Sir? (= for example, in a shop).
Collocation Dictionary


to attend church regularly.


be able/unable to | be asked to, be invited to
He was invited to attend a seminar in Paris.


well attended
The event was well attended.

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