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astound /əs'taund/
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm kinh ngạc, làm kinh hoàng
    • làm sững sờ, làm sửng sốt
Concise Dictionary
+affect with wonder
Thesaurus Dictionary
surprise, shock, astonish, stun, stagger, dumbfound or dumfound, bowl over, floor, stupefy, bewilder, overwhelm, Colloq flabbergast:
We were astounded to learn that he had survived all those years on a desert island. The Great MacTavish performs astounding feats of magic and levitation!
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
~ (to find, learn, see, etc. sth)
~ (at / by sth)
~ (that ...) very surprised or shocked by sth, because it seems very unlikely: an astounded expression + How can you say that? I'm absolutely astounded. + I was astounded to see her appear from the house. + She looked astounded at the news. + The doctors were astounded (that) he survived.

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