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assure /ə'ʃuə/
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm cho vững tâm, làm cho tin chắc
    • quả quyết, cam đoan
    • đảm bảo
      • hard work work usually assures success: chăm chỉ thường bảo đảm sự thành công
    • bảo hiểm
      • to assure one's life: bảo hiểm tính mệnh
Concise Dictionary
+make certain of
+inform positively and with certainty and confidence
+assure somebody of the truth of something with the intention of giving the listener confidence
+be careful or certain to do something; make certain of something
+cause to feel sure; give reassurance to
+make a promise or commitment

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 secure, stabilize, settle, establish, confirm, certify, warrant, guarantee, ensure, be confident of, make or be sure or certain:
Force, fear, and the multitude of his guard do less to assure the estate of a prince than the good will of his subjects.
2 encourage, inspirit, reassure, hearten:
Your humanity assures us and gives us strength.
3 convince, persuade, reassure, make (someone) certain; ensure:
What can I do to assure you of my love?
4 assert, state, asseverate, promise:
I assure you that we shall do everything possible to find your dog.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 ~ sb (of sth) to tell sb that sth is definitely true or is definitely going to happen, especially when they have doubts about it: [VN (that)] I know you think I did it deliberately, but I assure you (that) I did not. + We were assured that everything possible was being done. + [VN] She's perfectly safe, I can assure you. + We assured him of our loyal support. + I won't let you down, I can assure you of that. + [VN speech] 'He'll come back,' Susan assured her.
2 ~ yourself (of sth) to make yourself certain about sth: [VN] He assured himself of her safety. + [VN that] She assured herself that the letter was still in the drawer.
3 to make sth certain to happen
[VN] Victory would assure a place in the finals. + [VNN] Victory would assure them a place in the finals. + This achievement has assured her a place in the history books.
4 [VN] (BrE) to INSURE sth, especially against sb's death: What is the sum assured?
Idioms see REST v.
Collocation Dictionary


can | hasten to
He hastened to assure us that the press would not be informed.


We can assure you of our full support.


let me assure you

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