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aspect /'æspekt/
  • danh từ
    • vẻ, bề ngoài; diện mạo
      • to have a gentle aspect: có vẻ hiền lành
    • hướng
      • the house has a southern aspect: ngôi nhà xoay hướng về hướng nam
    • khía cạnh; mặt
      • to study every aspect of a question: nghiên cứu mọi khía cạnh của vấn đề
    • (ngôn ngữ học) thể
Concise Dictionary
+a distinct feature or element in a problem
+a characteristic to be considered
+the visual percept of a region
+the beginning or duration or completion or repetition of the action of a verb
+the feelings expressed on a person's face

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 viewpoint, point of view, position, standpoint, side:
Looked at from a different aspect, the problem did not seem insurmountable after all.
2 complexion, light, angle, interpretation, mien, face:
His conviction for robbery put a different aspect on hiring him as a security guard.
3 exposure, prospect, outlook, orientation:
The western aspect of the room made it sunny in the afternoons.
4 side, feature, attribute, characteristic, quality, detail, angle, facet, manifestation, element, circumstance:
There are many aspects of Buddhism that you do not understand.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [C] a particular part or feature of a situation, an idea, a problem, etc.; a way in which it may be considered: The book aims to cover all aspects of city life. + the most important aspect of the debate + She felt she had looked at the problem from every aspect. + This was one aspect of her character he hadn't seen before. + The consultancy gives advice to manufacturers on the health and safety aspects of their products.
2 [U, sing.] (formal) the appearance of a place, a situation or a person: Events began to take on a more sinister aspect. + the dirty and seedy aspect of the bar
3 [C, usually sing.] (formal) the direction in which a building, window, piece of land, etc. faces; the side of a building which faces a particular direction: Our room had a western aspect. + The southern aspect of the school was dominated by the mountain.
4 [U, C] (grammar) the form of a verb that shows, for example, whether the action happens once or repeatedly, is completed or still continuing
See also - PERFECT adj. (7), PROGRESSIVE adj.
Collocation Dictionary


central, crucial, essential, fundamental, important, key, main, major, principal, significant | basic, broad, general
Questions also cover much broader aspects of general health and fitness.
| appealing, attractive, beneficial, encouraging, exciting, fascinating, interesting, pleasing, positive | alarming, controversial, difficult, disappointing, disturbing, negative, sinister, terrible, worst
the worst aspects of tourism
| bizarre, curious, intriguing, puzzling | remarkable, striking | subtle | mundane | neglected | formal, functional, practical, theoretical
the formal aspects of the language system
| business, commercial, cultural, economic, environmental, ethical, financial, historical, human, legal, military, moral, physical, political, psychological, religious, scientific, social, technical


The project hastwo main aspects.
| take on
Events began to take on a moresinister aspect.
| consider, cover, deal with, discuss, emphasize, examine, explore, focus on, look at, study
We will be looking atmany different aspects ofpollution.
| demonstrate, illuminate, illustrate
a uniquecollection illustrating aspects ofIrish transport history
| ignore, neglect


from the … ~
This scheme isvery good from the social aspect. |
~ to
the positive aspects toretirement


all aspects of sth, (in) every aspect (of sth)
The servicewas excellent in every aspect.

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