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ask /ɑ:sk/
  • động từ
    • hỏi
      • to ask the time: hỏi giờ
    • xin, yêu cầu, thỉnh cầu
      • to ask a favour of someone: xin ai một đặc ân
      • to ask somebody to do something: yêu cầu ai làm gì
    • mời
      • to ask someone to dinner: mời cơm ai
    • đòi hỏi
      • it asks [for] attention: điều đó đòi hỏi sự chú ý
    • đòi
      • to ask 600đ for a bicycle: đòi 600đ một cái xe đạp
    • (thông tục) chuốc lấy
      • to ask for trouble; to ask for it: chuốc lấy sự phiền luỵ
    • to ask about
      • hỏi về
    • to ask after
      • hỏi thăm
    • ask me another!
      • (thông tục) không biết, đừng hỏi tôi nữa!
    • to ask the banns
      • (xem) bann
Concise Dictionary
+inquire about
+make a request or demand for something to somebody
+direct or put; seek an answer to
+consider obligatory; request and expect
+require or ask for as a price or condition
+address a question to and expect an answer from
+require as useful, just, or proper

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 question, interrogate, query, quiz; inquire or enquire (of):
Let's ask the policeman for information. Just ask directions of any passer-by. I merely asked if you were going my way.
2 demand, require, expect, request:
Doing his laundry is a lot to ask.
3 beg, apply (to), appeal (to), seek (from), solicit (from), petition, plead (to), beg, beseech, pray, entreat, implore:
In the streets, thousands of beggars ask passers-by for alms.
4 invite, bid, summon:
Nellie asked me to dinner.
5 ask after or about. inquire or enquire after or about:
My sister asked after you - wanted to know how you were getting along.
6 ask for.
(a) invite, attract, encourage, provoke:
You're asking for trouble if you walk alone through that neighbourhood after dark.
(b) request, seek:
We asked for more time to finish the project.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 ~ (sb) (about sb/sth) to say or write sth in the form of a question, in order to get information: [V speech] 'Where are you going?' she asked. + [VN speech] 'Are you sure?' he asked her. + [V] He asked about her family. + How old are you-if you don't mind me / my asking? + [VN] The interviewer asked me about my future plans. + Can I ask a question? + Did you ask the price? + [VNN] She asked the students their names. + I often get asked that! + [V wh-] He asked where I lived. + [VN wh-] I had to ask the teacher what to do next. + I was asked if / whether I could drive.
Help Note: You cannot say 'ask to sb': I asked to my friend what had happened.
2 to tell sb that you would like them to do sth or that you would like sth to happen: [VN to inf] All the students were asked to complete a questionnaire. + Eric asked me to marry him. + [V wh-] I asked whether they could change my ticket. + [VN wh-] She asked me if I would give her English lessons. + [V that] (formal) She asked that she be kept informed of developments. + (BrE also) She asked that she should be kept informed.
3 ~ (sb) (for sth) to say that you would like sb to give you sth: [V] to ask for a job / a drink / an explanation + I am writing to ask for some information about courses. + [VN] Why don't you ask his advice? + Can I ask a favour of you? + [VNN] Why don't you ask him for his advice? + Can I ask you a favour?
4 to request permission to do sth: [V to inf] Did you ask to use the car? + I asked to see the manager. + [V wh-] I'll ask if it's all right to park here. + [VN wh-] She asked her boss whether she could have the day off.
5 [usually +adv./prep.] to invite sb: [VN] They've asked me to dinner. + I didn't ask them in (= to come into the house). + We must ask the neighbours round (= to our house). + [VN to inf] She's asked him to come to the party.
6 [VN] ~ sth (for sth) to request a particular amount of money for sth that you are selling: He's asking £2 000 for the car. + How much were they asking for their house?
expect / demand
7 ~ sth (of sb) to expect or demand sth: [VN] I know I'm asking a great deal. + You're asking too much of him. + [VN to inf] I know it's asking a lot to expect them to win again.
Idioms: ask for it (informal) to deserve sth bad that happens to you or that sb does to you: 'You shouldn't have said that to her.' 'Well, she asked for it!'
be asking for trouble
be asking for it (informal) to behave in a way that is very likely to result in trouble
don't ask (spoken, informal) if you say don't ask to sb, you mean that you do not want to reply to their question, because it would be awkward, embarrassing, etc: 'And what did he do then?' 'Don't ask!'
don't ask me (spoken, informal) if you say don't ask me, you mean that you do not know the answer to a question and are annoyed you have been asked: 'What will the meeting be about?' 'Don't ask me.'
for the asking if you can have sth for the asking, it is very easy for you to get it if you ask for it: The job is yours for the asking.
I ask you (spoken, informal) if you say I ask you, you are expressing disapproval, shock or anger about sth/sb: He told me I had to work late on Friday night. I ask you!
if you ask me (spoken, informal) in my personal opinion: Their marriage was a mistake, if you ask me.
Phrasal Verbs: ask after sb (BrE) to say that you would like to know how sb is, what they are doing, etc: He always asks after you in his letters.
ask around to speak to a number of different people in order to try and get some information: I don't know of any vacancies in the company but I'll ask around.
ask sb back (especially BrE) to invite sb to come back to your house when you are both out together: I hoped he wouldn't ask me back.
ask for sb/sth to say that you want to speak to sb or be directed to a place: When you arrive, ask for Jane.
ask sb out to invite sb to go out with you, especially as a way of starting a romantic relationship: He's too shy to ask her out.
Collocation Dictionary

1 put a question to sb


gently, quietly, softly
‘How do you feel?’ she asked softly.
| amiably, conversationally, politely
‘Did you sleep well?’, he asked politely.
| belligerently, crossly, icily, nastily, querulously, sarcastically, slyly, testily | casually, dryly, innocently
‘Oh, Sue went too, did she?’ I asked innocently (= pretending I did not know that this was important).
| curiously, incredulously, pointedly, suspiciously | anxiously, apprehensively, fearfully, solicitously
‘Will he be all right?’, Sabrina asked anxiously.
| legitimately
We can legitimately ask what competence an official based in Whitehall has to solve the problems of rural Scotland.
| rhetorically


long to, want to
She longed to ask Mary if she knew what was wrong. I wanted to ask him a question.
| dare (to)
I wondered how old she was but I didn't dare ask.
| forget to
I completely forgot to ask his name.


He asked about her family.


get asked sth
I often get asked that.
| if you don't mind me/my asking
How old are you?if you don't mind my asking?

2 request sth


If you ask her nicely, she'll give you a sweet.


asking for money

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