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as /æz, əz/
  • phó từ
    • như
      • as you know: như anh đã biết
      • some People's Democracies as Vietnam, Korea...: một số nước dân chủ nhân dân như Việt Nam, Triều Tiên...
      • late as usual: muộn như thường lệ
    • là, với tư cách là
      • I speak to you as a friend: tôi nói với anh với tư cách là một người bạn
    • cũng, bằng
      • he is as old as you: anh ta cũng già bằng anh, anh ta bằng tuổi anh
    • as far as
      • xa tận, cho tận đến
    • to go far as the station: đi đến tận nhà ga
    • đến chừng mức mà
      • far as I know: đến chừng mức mà tôi biết, theo tất cả những điều mà tôi biết
    • as far back as
      • lui tận về
    • as far back as two years ago: lui về cách đây hai năm; cách đây hai năm
    • as far; as to
      • về phía, về phần
    • as for me: về phần tôi
    • as good as
      • (xem) good
    • as long as
      • (xem) as much as
    • cũng chừng này, cũng bằng này
      • you can take as much as you like: anh thích bao nhiêu thì có thể cứ lấy chừng nấy
    • as much
      • cũng vậy
    • I thought as much: tôi cũng nghĩ như vậy
    • as well
      • (xem) well
    • as well as
      • (xem) well
    • as yet
      • (xem) yet
  • liên từ
    • lúc khi, trong khi mà; đúng lúc mà ((cũng) just as)
      • he came in as I was speaking: khi tôi đang nói thì hắn vào
    • vì, bởi vì
      • as it was raining hard, we could not start: vì trời mưa to chúng tôi không thể khởi hành được
    • để, cốt để
      • he so arranged matters as to suit everyone: anh ta thu xếp mọi việc cốt để làm cho hợp với tất cả mọi người
      • be so kind (good) as to let me know...: anh hãy vui lòng cho tôi biết...
    • tuy rằng, dù rằng
      • tired as she was did not leave her task undone: tuy mệt thật đấy cô ta cũng không bỏ công việc
    • as if
      • như thế, y như thế
    • as it were
      • có thể là như vậy, có thể cho là như vậy
    • he is not equal to the task, as it were: hắn không xứng với nhiệm vụ, có thể cho là như vậy
    • as though
      • (xem) though
  • đại từ
    • mà, người mà, cái mà...; như
      • he is the same man as I met yesterday: ông ta đúng là người mà hôm qua tôi gặp
      • such a genius as Marx: một thiên tài như Mác
    • điều đó, cái đó, cái ấy
      • he was a foreigner, as they perceived from his accent: ông ta là một người nước ngoài, người ta nhận thấy điều đó ở giọng nói của ông ta
  • danh từ, số nhiều asses
    • đồng át (tiền La mã)
Concise Dictionary
+a very poisonous metallic element that has three allotropic forms; arsenic and arsenic compounds are used as herbicides and insecticides and various alloys; found in arsenopyrite and orpiment and realgar
+a United States territory on the eastern part of the island of Samoa
+to the same degree (often followed by `as')
Advanced English Dictionary
preposition, adverb, conjunction
+ preposition
1 used to describe sb/sth appearing to be sb/sth else: They were all dressed as clowns. + The bomb was disguised as a package.
2 used to describe the fact that sb/sth has a particular job or function: She works as a courier. + Treat me as a friend. + I respect him as a doctor. + You can use that glass as a vase. + The news came as a shock. + She had been there often as a child (= when she was a child).
+ adverb
1 as ...as ... used when you are comparing two people or things, or two situations: You're as tall as your father. + He was as white as a sheet. + She doesn't play as well as her sister. + I haven't known him as long as you (= as you have known him). + He doesn't earn as much as me. + He doesn't earn as much as I do. + It's not as hard as I thought. + Run as fast as you can. + We'd like it as soon as possible.
2 used to say that sth happens in the same way: As always, he said little. + The 'h' in honest is silent, as in 'hour'.
+ conjunction
1 while sth else is happening: He sat watching her as she got ready. + As she grew older she gained in confidence.
2 in the way in which: They did as I had asked. + Leave the papers as they are. + She lost it, just as I said she would.
3 used to state the reason for sth: As you were out, I left a message. + She may need some help as she's new.
4 used to make a comment or to add information about what you have just said: As you know, Julia is leaving soon. + She's very tall, as is her mother.
5 (written) used to say that in spite of sth being true, what follows is also true
Synonym: THOUGH
Happy as they were, there was something missing. + Try as he might (= however hard he tried), he couldn't open the door.
Idioms: as against sth in contrast with sth: They got 27% of the vote as against 32% at the last election.
as and when used to say that sth may happen at some time in the future, but only when sth else has happened: We'll decide on the team as and when we qualify. + I'll tell you more as and when (= as soon as I can).
as for sb/sth used to start talking about sb/sth
As for Jo, she's doing fine. + As for food for the party, that's all being taken care of.
as from ... / as of ... used to show the time or date from which sth starts: Our fax number is changing as from May 12.
as if / as though in a way that suggests sth: He behaved as if nothing had happened. + It sounds as though you had a good time. + It's my birthday. As if you didn't know! + 'Don't say anything' 'As if I would!' (= surely you do not expect me to)
as it is considering the present situation; as things are: We were hoping to finish it by next week-as it is, it may be the week after. + I can't help-I've got too much to do as it is (= already).
as it were used when a speaker is giving his or her own impression of a situation or expressing sth in a particular way: Teachers must put the brakes on, as it were, when they notice students looking puzzled.
as to sth
as regards sth used when you are referring to sth: As to tax, that will be deducted from your salary.
as you do used as a comment on sth that you have just said: He smiled and I smiled back. As you do.
more at WELL, YET
as / like
You can use both as and like to say that things are similar.
Like is a preposition and is used before nouns and pronouns: He has blue eyes like me.
As is a conjunction and an adverb and is used before a clause, another adverb or a clause beginning with a preposition: She enjoys all kinds of music, as I do. + Repeat these five steps, as in the last exercise.
In informal English like is frequently used as a conjunction or an adverb instead of as: Nobody understands him like I do. + I don't want to upset him again like before. It is also used instead of as if:
It looks like we're going to be late. These uses of like are common but are not considered correct in formal written English.

You will find more help on the use of as and like in the entries for particular verbs, such as act, behave, etc.

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