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artless /'ɑ:tlis/
  • tính từ
    • tự nhiên, không giả tạo
    • ngây thơ, chân thật, chất phác
    • không có mỹ thuật; không khéo, vụng
Concise Dictionary
+characterized by an inability to mask your feelings; not devious
+simple and natural; without cunning or deceit
+showing lack of art
+(of persons) lacking art or knowledge

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 innocent, sincere, guileless, ingenuous, true, natural, open, unartificial, genuine, simple, direct, candid, frank, honest, straightforward, above-board, uncomplicated, undevious, undeceptive, Colloq upfront, on the level, on the up and up:
Imitation is a kind of artless flattery.
2 unpretentious, unassuming, unaffected, natural, simple, naïve, unsophisticated, plain, ordinary, humble:
The remarks were those of an artless young man who meant nothing sinister.
3 unskilled, untalented, unskilful, unpractised, inexperienced, inexpert, primitive, unproficient, incompetent, inept, clumsy, crude, awkward, bungling:
Clogs must be the most artless footwear ever made.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective (formal)
1 simple, natural and honest: the artless sincerity of a young child
2 made without skill or art

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