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  • danh từ
    • tiền nợ lẽ ra phải trả trước đó; nợ còn khất lại
    • arrears of salary
    • tiền lương còn khất lại, còn thiếu lại (chưa trả)
      • rent arrears: tiền thuê nhà còn khất lại
    • việc chưa làm xong
      • arrears of correspondence: thư từ tồn đọng (chưa giải quyết hoặc phúc đáp)
      • to be in arrears with something; to fall into arrears with something: chậm trả tiền nợ; chậm làm một việc gì
      • I've fallen into arrears with my rent: tôi đã chậm trả tiền thuê nhà
      • I'm in arrears with the housework: tôi còn công việc nội trợ chưa làm
      • payment is made in arrears: tiền sẽ thanh toán sau (nghĩa là khi làm xong việc)
Concise Dictionary
+the state of being behind in payments
+an unpaid overdue debt

Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
[pl.] money that sb owes that they have not paid at the right time: rent / mortgage / tax arrears
Idioms: be in arrears
get / fall into arrears to be late in paying money that you owe: We're two months in arrears with the rent.
in arrears if money or a person is paid in arrears for work, the money is paid after the work has been done
Collocation Dictionary


debt, mortgage, rent, tax


fall into, get into, owe
They fell into arrears with their rent. The government has agreed to pay all arrears owed to members of the armed forces.
| accumulate
The country had accumulated arrears of $80 million on loans of $400 million.
| pay (off)
struggling to pay off her mortgage arrears
| recover
The local authority must try to recover arrears of rent.


amount to sth, total sth
By this time the arrears amounted to £12,000.


in ~
She was six months in arrears with the mortgage. You will be paid monthly in arrears.
| ~ on
There have been sharp increases in arrears on interest payments.

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