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arrange /ə'reindʤ/
  • ngoại động từ
    • sắp xếp, sắp đặt, sửa soạn
      • arrange in alphabetical order: sắp xếp theo thứ tự abc
      • to arrange a room: sửa soạn căn phòng
      • to arrange one's hair: chải (vuốt) tóc cho gọn gàng tề chỉnh
    • thu xếp; chuẩn bị
      • to arrange a meeting: thu xếp cuộc gặp gỡ
      • to arrange a marriage: thu xếp việc cưới xin
    • dàn xếp, hoà giải (một cuộc cãi nhau...)
    • cải biên, soạn lại
      • to arrange a piece of music: cải biên một bản nhạc
      • to arrange a play for broadcasting: soạn lại một vở kịch để phát thanh
    • (toán học) chỉnh hợp
    • (kỹ thuật) lắp ráp
    • (quân sự) sắp xếp thành hàng ngũ chỉnh tề
    • nội động từ
      • thu xếp; chuẩn bị
        • to arrange to come early: thu xếp để đến sớm
      • dàn xếp, đồng ý, thoả thuận
        • to arrange with somebody about something: dàn xếp với ai vấn đề gì; đồng ý với ai cái gì
      • (quân sự) đứng thành hàng ngũ chỉnh tề
    Concise Dictionary
    +put into a proper or systematic order
    +make arrangements for
    +plan, organize, and carry out (an event)
    +set (printed matter) into a specific format
    +arrange attractively
    +adapt for performance in a different way
    +arrange thoughts, ideas, temporal events

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 order, dispose, array, organize, sort (out), systematize, group, set up, rank, line up, align, form, position:
    The teachers arranged the children according to height. The flowers were arranged in a vase so as to conceal the listening device.
    2 settle, plan, set (up), organize, orchestrate, manipulate, choreograph; predetermine, decide, prepare, determine, prearrange, devise, bring about, contrive; fix it:
    Everything has been arranged - you won't have to lift a finger. For a small fee I can arrange for you to win the first prize.
    3 orchestrate, score, adapt:
    Flemburgh has arranged music for some of the best-known modern composers.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    + verb
    1 to plan or organize sth in advance: [VN] The party was arranged quickly. + She arranged a loan with the bank. + Can I arrange an appointment for Monday? + We met at six, as arranged. + [V wh-] We've still got to arrange how to get to the airport. + [V] We arranged for a car to collect us from the airport. + I've arranged with the neighbours about feeding the cat while we are away. + [V to inf] Have you arranged to meet him? + [V that] I've arranged that we can borrow their car.
    2 [VN] to put sth in a particular order; to make sth neat or attractive: The books are arranged alphabetically by author. + I must arrange my financial affairs and make a will. + She arranged the flowers in a vase.
    3 [VN] ~ sth (for sth)(abbreviation arr.) to write or change a piece of music so that it is suitable for a particular instrument or voice: He arranged traditional folk songs for the piano.
    Collocation Dictionary

    1 plan/organize sth


    easily | with difficulty
    These things can be arranged with difficulty.
    | hastily, hurriedly, quickly | secretly | specially


    try to | be able to, can/could
    Todd will be able to arrange matters.
    | be difficult/easy/possible to
    These matters are easy to arrange.


    I'd be very grateful if you could arrange for this work to be carried out.

    2 put in order; make neat/attractive


    carefully, neatly
    Her red hair was carefully arranged and her face made up.
    | alphabetically, chronologically, symmetrically, systematically
    The books are arranged alphabetically by author.


    She arranged the chairs in neat rows.
    | into
    She took the list of visitors' names and arranged them into groups of four.


    arrange sth in alphabetical/chronological order
    The names are arranged in alphabetical order.

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