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area /'eəriə/
  • danh từ
    • diện tích, bề mặt
      • area under crop: diện tích trồng trọt
      • area of bearing: (kỹ thuật) mặt tì, mặt đỡ
    • vùng, khu vực
      • residenial area: khu vực nhà ở
    • khoảng đất trống
    • sân trước nhà ở (có hàng rào cách vỉa hè đường)
    • phạm vi, tầm
      • wide area of knowledge: tầm hiểu biết rộng
    • rađiô vùng
Concise Dictionary
+a particular geographical region of indefinite boundary (usually serving some special purpose or distinguished by its people or culture or geography)
+a particular environment or walk of life
+a subject of study
+a part of a structure having some specific characteristic or function
+a part of an animal that has a special function or is supplied by a given artery or nerve
+the extent of a 2-dimensional surface enclosed within a boundary

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 space, room:
Is there enough floor area here for the carpet?
2 extent, limit, compass, size, square footage, acreage:
The area of my greenhouse is thirty by fifteen feet.
3 space, field, region, tract, territory, district, zone, stretch; section, quarter, precinct, arrondissement, neighbourhood, locality, bailiwick, US block:
An area was set aside for a garden. There has been a lot of crime in that area lately.
4 scope, range, extent, breadth, compass, section:
His studies cover only one area of Scottish history.
5 court, courtyard, enclosure, close, yard; square, ground, arena, field, parade-ground, parade:
The soldiers drill in the area behind the barracks.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
part of place
1 [C] part of a place, town, etc., or a region of a country or the world: mountainous / desert areas + rural / urban / inner-city areas + There is heavy traffic in the downtown area tonight. + She knows the local area very well. + John is the London area manager. + Wreckage from the plane was scattered over a wide area. + The farm and surrounding area was flooded.
2 [C] a part of a room, building or particular space that is used for a special purpose: the hotel reception area + a play / parking / dining area
particular place
3 [C] a particular place on an object: Move the cursor to a blank area of the screen and double click with the mouse. + The tumour had not spread to other areas of the body.
subject / activity
4 [C] ~ (of sth) a particular subject or activity, or an aspect of it: the areas of training and development + Finance is Mark's area. + The big growth area of recent years has been in health clubs.
See also - GREY AREA
5 [C, U] the amount of space covered by a flat surface or piece of land, described as a measurement: the area of a triangle + The room is 12 square metres in area. + Britain occupies a total area of 88 798 square miles.
Collocation Dictionary

1 part of place


huge, large, vast, wide | small | local
She knows the local area very well.
| surrounding
The storms hit Edinburgh and the surrounding area.
| central | geographical | isolated, outlying, remote | rural | built up, inner-city, metropolitan, urban | industrial | residential | coastal, mountain | conservation | deprived
people living in socially deprived areas


live in | move into/to
A lot of new people have moved into the area recently.
| leave, move away from | cover | be scattered over, be spread over
Wreckage from the plane was scattered over a large area.


manager, office


in an/the ~
Few homes in the area had electricity.
| outside an/the ~
I live outside the London area.
| within an/the ~ | ~ around/round
the area around London

2 space


dining, lounge, reception | picnic, play | no smoking, smoking | penalty


in an/the ~
I'll meet you in the reception area.

3 subject/activity


important, key, main | complex, difficult, problem, sensitive
Taxation is a very complex area.
| growth
The big growth area of recent years has been in health clubs.
| subject | grey
The proposals contain too many grey areas (= aspects that are not clear).


The course covers two main subject areas.
| identify
The primary need is to identify problem areas.


in an/the ~
There have been some exciting new developments in this area.


an area of activity/life
People with this disability can cope well in most areas of life.
| an area of concern/difficulty
We are generally pleased with how the scheme is operating but there are one or two areas of concern.
| an area of interest/research/study

4 measurement


large | small | total | floor, surface
A large building with a floor area of 100m2.


cover, have
The estate covers an area of 106 acres.

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