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appoint /ə'pɔint/
  • ngoại động từ
    • bổ, bổ nhiệm; chỉ định, chọn; lập
      • to appoint someone [to be] director: bổ nhiệm ai làm giám đốc
      • to appoint someone to do something: chỉ định ai làm việc gì
      • to appoint a commitee: lập một uỷ ban
    • định, hẹn (ngày, giờ...)
      • to appoint a day to meet: định ngày gặp nhau
    • quy định
      • to appoint that it should be done: quy định sẽ phải làm xong việc ấy
    • (thường) dạng bị động trang bị, thiết bị
      • the troops were badly appointed: quân đội được trang bị tồi
Concise Dictionary
+create and charge with a task or function
+assign a duty, responsibility or obligation to

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 fix, set, settle, determine, ordain, authorize, establish, destine, arrange, assign, allot, prescribe, decree:
The time appointed for the execution has been delayed.
2 name, designate, nominate, elect; assign, delegate, commission, deputize; select, choose:
I was delighted to have been appointed as chairman.
3 equip, fit out, furnish, decorate:
They live comfortably in a well-appointed home in the suburbs.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 ~ sb (to sth)
~ sb (as) sth to choose sb for a job or position of responsibility: [VN] They have appointed a new head teacher at my son's school. + She has recently been appointed to the committee. + [VN-N] They appointed him (as) captain of the English team. + [VN to inf] A lawyer was appointed to represent the child.
2 [VN] [usually passive] (formal) to arrange or decide on a time or place for doing sth: A date for the meeting is still to be appointed. + Everyone was assembled at the appointed time.

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