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appendix /ə'pendiks/
  • danh từ, số nhiều appendices/ə'pendiksiz/, appendixes/ə'pendiksiz/
    • phụ lục
    • (y học) ruột thừa ((cũng) vermiform appendix)
Concise Dictionary
+supplementary material that is collected and appended at the back of a book
+a vestigial process that extends from the lower end of the cecum and that resembles a small pouch

Advanced English Dictionary
1 a small bag of tissue that is attached to the large INTESTINE. In humans, the appendix has no real function: He had to have his appendix out (= removed).
2 a section giving extra information at the end of a book or document: Full details are given in Appendix 3.
Collocation Dictionary


burst, grumbling
(= painful from time to time),
inflamed, perforated, ruptured
He was taken to hospital with a burst appendix.


remove, take out
Doctors had to take out his appendix.
| have out
She might have to have her appendix out.


burst, rupture
If the condition is not treated, the appendix can rupture.

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