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apparent /ə'pærənt/
  • tính từ
    • rõ ràng, bày tỏ ra ngoài, thấy rõ ra ngoài
      • apparent to the maked eyes: mắt trần có thể nhìn rõ được
    • rõ rành rành, hiển nhiên, không thể chối cãi được
    • bề ngoài, có vẻ
    • (vật lý) hiện ngoài, biểu kiến
    • heir apparent
      • hoàng thái tử
Concise Dictionary
+clearly revealed to the mind or the senses or judgment
+appearing as such but not necessarily so

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 evident, plain, clear, obvious, patent, unmistakable; conspicuous, marked, manifest, visible, discernible:
It was apparent to all of us that she would become a successful opera singer.
2 appearing, seeming, illusory, ostensible, superficial, outward:
In an apparent show of strength, he ordered his forces to attack the capital.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 [not usually before noun] ~ (from sth) (that ...)
~ (to sb) (that ...) easy to see or understand
Synonym: OBVIOUS
It was apparent from her face that she was really upset. + Their devotion was apparent. + It soon became apparent to everyone that he couldn't sing. + Then, for no apparent reason, the train suddenly stopped.
2 [usually before noun] that seems to be real or true but may not be: My parents were concerned at my apparent lack of enthusiasm for school. + Their affluence is more apparent than real (= they are not as rich as they seem to be).
See also - APPEAR
Collocation Dictionary


be, seem | become
It soon became apparent that the company was losing money.
| make sth
He made it apparent that he was very annoyed.


glaringly, strongly, very | fully, quite | increasingly | all too
His unhappiness was all too apparent.
| quickly, soon | immediately, instantly
The extent of their injuries was not immediately apparent.
| easily, readily | clearly | painfully
Local suspicion of the incomers was painfully apparent.


His lack of experience was quite apparent to everyone.

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